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Meet Björn. Named after one of the members of the Swedish group ABBA, Björn is a year old Keeshond who is lucky enough to have famed hair salon owner Teng Roma as his doting human. The national dog of Holland, Netherlands, Keeshonden are a rare breed and are generally playful, quick learners and are eager to please. Björn, who frequently accompanies his human in his salons is a favorite of their exclusive customers and was even featured in Metro Society's Instagram under the MUTTRO Society. If you're lucky, you might catch him hanging out the next time you get your hair done at Teng Roma Salon. A favorite among many celebrities and VIPs, Teng Roma has salons that offer a luxurious salon experience with a well-trained staff and very up-to-date services that's definitely worth your money.

Following the success of Emphasis Salon in Rockwell, Teng Roma launched a flagship salon under his name last year in Fairmont Hotel, Makati and this year has opened a new branch in Westgate Alabang, Muntinlupa. The next time you decide to pamper yourself at Teng Roma, Keep an eye out for Björn and he'll surely put a smile on your face.

For Appointments:

Teng Roma Salon in Fairmont, Makati Telephone: (02) 5559888 ext 6520

Teng Roma Salon in Westgate Alabang, Muntinlupa Telephone: (02) 8023046.

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