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Bohol, Philippines

What are you looking for in your next getaway? Idyllic white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters? Or maybe seeking out local historical landmarks is more your thing. Maybe it's doing outdoor adventure sports like riding around on ATVs, or diving in beautiful dive sites. Or maybe you just want to hang out and immerse yourself in the local culture as well as make friends with friendly locals and other travelers alike. If any (or all) of these ideas sound appealing, a trip to Bohol will tick all those boxes and more.

An hour and half away via air from Manila, or two hours via ferry from Cebu, Bohol is a charming and beautiful island in the Visayas region which boasts many picturesque and unique locations, genuinely friendly locals, and a rich and interesting history.

When in Bohol, book one of the many tour guides/drivers on the island and go on a sight-seeing tour of the city and check out all the unique locations such as the tarsiers, the Loboc River, the famed Chocolate Hills, and the historical churches in Bohol. Although this can be a little touristy, the drivers are often very knowledgable about the unique history and culture of their province so make sure you ask them a lot of questions to really get to know the place and the characters in the city's past. And then there's Panglao, the island paradise where you can book a stay and enjoy the world-class beaches and resorts and see the diverse marine life in the coral reefs around the island. Take advantage of all the activities and stunning views that the island has to offer and enjoy the laid-back feel of Panglao's beach life.

So, could Bohol be your next destination?

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