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Miao Cat Café

Yoshi and Toshi are two Persian kittens given to us by my pops as wedding presents. Those two are the nicest, silliest and friendliest cats I've ever had in my whole career as a human (aka cat slave). My Dad told me he had gotten them from a colleague whose sister owns a cozy little cat café in Quezon City called Miao Cat café. Yoshi and Toshi were part of a litter of four kittens, then named: Happy, Love, Joy and Peace. We also found out that Toshi was Peace and Yoshi was Love, and when I checked Miao Cat café's Instagram account I was delighted to find out that their other sibling, Joy was presently in the Café.

Out of curiosity, we went from south to north to visit Miao Cat Café to see Joy and to meet the other furry "employees" working there. Located in Congressional avenue, Miao Cat café is one of the first cat café's to open here in the Philippines. Frequented by local celebrities and pet lovers of all ages, Miao Cat Café has a laid-back and charming atmosphere with a roster of friendly and playful felines just waiting for customers to give them attention. We paid the door charge and had our complimentary drinks and snacks, all while hanging out with Joy and the rest of the feline crew. We made sure to give all of them chin rubs before we said goodbye and left them to enjoy the rest of their day, well-spent lazing around. It was especially great to meet Joy, who could easily have ended up in our family if we had wanted a girl kitten at the time, and to see that true to her name, she is always bringing joy to her visitors over at Miao Cat Café.

Miao Cat Café is located at Second Floor 7 Congressional avenue, Project 8 Quezon City.

Telephone: (02) 274-7937.

See more of those furry felines in their Facebook and Instagram.

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