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Mitch, Belize, Central America

We catch up with Mitch, 31, a Field Environmental Technician and a native of Houston, Texas, USA as he takes his adventures to the country of Belize where he has been living for the past 8 months.

Mitch in Armenia, Belize near the Hummingbird highway

What do you enjoy best in the country you're in? Any recommendations for travelers going to your new country?

"The most enjoyable, interesting and unique thing about Belize is its diversity. The land itself ranges from barrier reefs and islands, to coastal lagoons, to swampy marshlands, to an impenetrable jungle. This nearly virgin jungle is then cut by a Swiss-cheese labyrinth of karst river-caves and mountains that continue to rise toward the west, giving way to larger, pine-covered mountains along the Guatemalan border. These areas are home to a wide array of endemic species of plant, animal and insect. New ones are discovered every year and with much of the country apparently untouched by modern human hands. It stands out as one of the few remaining wild places on this planet."

"Complementary to its terrain, the diversity of the Belizean people is something that I have come to appreciate and would highly recommend any visitor to immerse themselves in. It's long history lives on today showing hints of its British colonization, Afro-Caribbean migration, pirate hideouts, Garifuna refugee settlements, transplanted Latino neighbors, native Mayas and tourist/expats from across the globe. While the official language is English, you will often hear Spanish and the go-to common language of English-Creole. Few visitors will travel beyond the prescribed tours offered tourist agencies however those travelers that make the effort to find themselves immersed in the Belizean village culture are in for a real treat!"

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