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Suit Up Philippines

When preparing for a trip, it is important to pack all your travel essentials. Depending on your destination, you're going to need to coordinate the right mix of wardrobe, footwear, electronics, health and beauty products, travel entertainment and other important stuff into your baggage. Along with these essentials, travelers nowadays need to also consider protecting their luggage and making sure that nothing goes out (or in) once they’ve packed and secured their belongings.

Suit Up Philippines is a brand that creates durable and customizable luggage covers that keep your suitcases safe, scratch-free, and easily identifiable, and at the same time allows you to show off your own personal style. Today’s trendy travelers can make fashion-forward statements as they wander the globe all while keeping their luggage clean and secure. The Suit Up covers are made of polyester and spandex that are stretchable and water-resistant, and they protect your luggage from scratches, stains and dirt. The main draws however are being able to personalize your cover with any design you want and of course protecting your personal property from theft and tampering - It is essentially the new essential.

Janesca Laurito, owner and the clever mind behind this new travel essential talks about Suit Up Philippines.

How did you come up with the idea of creating Suit Up?

It all started from a pilgrimage we organized last year. During one of the briefings for the trip, one member raised a concern about how to assemble in the airport given that they will be traveling with a big group. Denesse Cajulis, one of the owners thought of making a luggage cover for the group. We brainstormed and started researching.

Where do you draw inspiration from in making fresh designs?

Since I was young, I have always liked browsing through fashion magazines. I try to imitate different styles and I would always end up choosing the colorful, fun, eye-catching but classy designs, just like our Suit Up capsule collection. We collaborate with Filipino artists and showcase different travel themes through their designs.

Aside from the collection, we also have vectors for customization available in our website. This is to let our jet-setter clients to express their inner artists in them. We encourage them to show their personality through their cover.

We also post designs in our social media channels. Suit Up wants to reach out to the followers and there is no better way but to communicate with them through the luggage covers. We want to show them that they can be fashionable and creative even when they travel. We offer different designs depending on the events, holidays, trending issues and promos.

Which designs in your collection do you use or are your favorite?

I have always been a fan of Aimee Guerrero's work. She creates her designs using watercolor. All her designs are fresh, classy, colorful and clean.

I am also a fan of the work of our social media team, Sunday Elephant Creatives. They are the brains behind all our social media designs and our famous #HugotTuesdays. These are famous and relatable quotes from romantic movie scenes or post-breakup lines. We try to marry it with traveling experiences which gains the attention of our social media followers.

See all their collections and special promos:

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