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Donald and Daisy

Meet Donald and Daisy, a pair of friendly Pyrenean Mountain dogs who quite fittingly live on the mountains of Don Salvador Benedicto in Negros Occidental. Belonging to Cynthia Flores, Owner of Manggapuri Villas, Donald and Daisy can often be seen basking in the sun around the property grounds along with their humans. This large dog breed usually stands at 70–82 cm tall (That's almost 3 feet!) and are bigger than Labrador Retrievers.

Pyreneans are said to be devoted and loyal to their family, and that is especially true for these two. Calm and approachable, Donald is more relaxed and likes to lounge around while Daisy is more likely to prop up her big paws on your shoulders and show you some affection. They are great companions and are a great compliment to the scenic beauty of nature among the picturesque views of Don Salvador.

Initially intended for flower fields, Mother Nature had other ideas. "My dream was to make a lavender field. That's why I bought the property. Unfortunately the weather (too much rain) was not favorable to my dream." Cynthia and her husband instead decided to build a resthouse for the family that then grew into what Manggapuri is today. "The house is set, the chapel is on the finishing stage. Now to add a colorful touch, we are starting our flower fields."

If you are visiting Bacolod and you want to check out Manggapuri Villas and maybe meet Donald and Daisy, it's a 45-minute drive up to scenic Don Salvador Benedicto.

For more details visit their Facebook page.

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