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Tarun, London, England

Residing in the historical city of London, Tarun, 34 an Investment Banker originally from Bombay is one of the 8.6 million people living in England’s capital. He gives our readers some tips on how best to make the most of the English experience.

Above the white cliffs of Dover

What do you enjoy best in the country you're in? Any recommendations for travelers going to your new country?

"Love the history and diversity associated with this country. There's so much to do and see in such a small island that it is amazing."

"Move out of London. Most people come to London and believe they have seen the UK. There is more to it, be it the castles around the country, the wine country in Dorking, the old Roman Baths, the ancient rocks in Stonehenge, the whiskey up in Scotland, there really is a lot to see when you're here, so experience it all!"


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