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Angelica, Singapore, Singapore

Angelica, from Quezon City, Philippines, gives us the rundown on what she enjoys most in her new town where she's been residing for the last year and 9 months. Who best than a chef to give us the inside scoop on Singapore's many gastronomic delights.

Angelica in historical Chinatown, just by Outram Station

What do you enjoy best in the country you're in? Any recommendations for travelers going to your new country?

"I love the convenience of living in Singapore. It's very safe, public transportation is cheap and reliable, and visa processing (for travel to other countries) only takes a few business days. Be prepared for the extreme heat and humidity! It's expensive to shop here, so I suggest you spend your money on food and experience rather than clothes and shoes."

My recommendations:

Burnt Ends- Everything on the menu is awesome!

Andre/Jaan- My favorite fine dining restaurants in SG. Flavor and aesthetics are always on point.

Chatterbox- For expensive but well executed hawker food. Get the lobster laksa, chendol.

No Signboard Seafood Geylang- Chili crab, bamboo clams.

Imperial Treasure- Affordable dim sum.

Cherry Garden at the Mandarin Oriental- A la carte dim sum buffet. I’ve tried almost everything, if not everything on the menu, and I’ve never had a dish I didn’t like.

Pizzeria Mozza- Best pizza in Singapore! End your meal with a coppetta.

Cibo Italiano- Close second when it comes to pizza. Significantly more affordable too.

Spize- The place closes very late, so it’s good to go here after having one too many drinks.

Long Chim- Authentic Thai food. Flavors here are a lot more complex than in other Thai restaurants in the country.

Lau Pa Sat- For late night satay.

Burger Joint- Reasonably priced burgers. Same as the one in New York.

Spago Lounge- Skip the food, but go for the view, the cocktails, the mochi waffle ice cream sandwich, and the freshly baked cookies (not on the menu).

La Terre- Best place for people who appreciate good wine and whisky.

Tap - Pretty extensive selection of craft beers on tap.

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