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Starting a business can be a great experience, but doing so comes with its own set of challenges along the way. One of those challenges for startups or freelancers is finding an ideal workspace or office space without breaking the bank or investing too much of your capital. Situated in Alabang, south of Metro Manila, Launchpad Coworking is an office solution where you can have your own workspace, connect to reliable Wifi and have some free coffee, all in a hip and modern work-friendly atmosphere, for a reasonable amount and at the fraction of the cost of having a traditional office space. Aside from the communal workspace that Launchpad Coworking provides, sharing of ideas and collaboration between members of the community is greatly encouraged. Patrons are urged to take advantage of the collaborative spirit within Launchpad Coworking’s community and exchange knowledge with other professionals working there as well. Being able to exchange ideas with others while building your network and further expanding your business, all without the traditional costs of acquiring an office space, can prove to be invaluable for a startup business in need of that initial push. Aside from workspaces, Launchpad Coworking also has a boardroom and meeting areas for client presentations, brain-storming sessions and other work events.

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