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Jacqueline, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Known as "The Rooftop of the World" due to it's high elevation, Bolivia is a country in South America that has endless amounts of thrilling activities available to the avid traveler. From the highest peaks surrounding La Paz to the extremely diverse flora and fauna of the Amazon Basin, the possibilities of adventure in Bolivia are virtually endless. Jacqueline, a native of Cochabamba, a city in the center of Bolivia, tells us a bit more about what to expect when making a visit to her country.

Jacqueline with a salt statue in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Best time to visit?

All year long

Must try local dishes?

Pique macho (Beef with potatoes, onions, picante peppers, boiled egg, mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup)

Silpancho (Base layer of rice followed by a layer of boiled and sliced potatoes, schnitzel-style meat, onions, beet and parsley topped with eggs)

Anticucho (Grilled heart meat - beef or chicken, accompanied with roast potatoes with peanut sauce)

Picante Mixto (Tongue, peas, garlinc, oregano, parsley, raisins, ground peanuts)

Menudito Majadito (Rice with jerky with dehydrated meat, fried eggs and fried plantains)

Your city's most popular tourist spot?

The Dessert of the Salt - Salar de Uyuni