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Muscat, Oman

Upon travelling to Oman, one will notice something different as compared to other countries on the Arabian Peninsula. Less extravagant than other Arab states, Oman boasts many natural attractions and simple charm over the more opulent luxuries of its' surrounding neighbors. Beautiful coastlines, breathtaking mountains and many other wonderful sights abound as you explore the capital city of Muscat. The most noticeable thing about Oman are the warm and friendly people who are always eager to assist travelers visiting their country. Laid back and easygoing for a country in that area, Oman is a colorful place with more to see than just sand and desert. If shopping is your thing and are on the lookout for carpets, gold, jewelry, antiques or other rarities, or if you just want to have a cup of coffee with a wonderful view of the sea, make your way to the Souk at Muttrah within Muscat. Get a feel for the Omani culture and interact with the friendly vendors and shop owners in the market and get a taste some of their local culinary fare. If you're yearning for something more adventurous you can take a tour and head over to Sharqiya Sands, a 12,500 square kilometer stretch of desert that runs up to the Arabian Sea. Once there, experience camel riding, sand skiing, dune driving, or even camping out and sharing a meal with a nomadic Bedouin family. A modern city with ancient roots, Oman is a fascinating place where all kinds of surprises await travelers thirsty for adventure.

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