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Geovanni Abing

Originally from Baclayon, Bohol, Geovanni Abing is a mixed-media artist who uses eclectic collages and color to create captivating portraits. A self-taught artist with a distinct style, his work will often make use of smaller abstract but familiar elements and creates a larger composite that depicts the unmistakable silhouettes of women and iconic personalities. As you look at his work you are drawn in and persuaded to dissect all the bits that make up the whole image. We caught up with Geovanni and talked art, dream projects, and his creative process.

How did you get started doing what you do?

I used to draw and make collages while in college and I have continued this until I got into corporate world. Despite the limited time, I didn't want to lose touch with my creative side and I would fill my room with artworks made from random found objects, including old magazines.

What is art to you?

Art is about unloading one's thoughts in creative sprints. I think to be able to sustain this is not easy and I admire artists able to dedicate their life into their craft. Could you take us through making one of your projects?

I want to make sure I start every project with a clear mind. I would go through a list of concepts and subjects (which I constantly update every time I come up of new ideas) and think about what I want to do next. I usually work on a series that ranges from 10 for works on canvas to 50 if smaller works on paper. After deciding what to do, I would start on setting the mood and expression in the background - kind of spontaneous and organic. I would finish it halfway and work on the subject. It is basically a long process arranging colors and gluing pieces of paper and often you would see some random stuff and comic elements in the work reflecting my current thoughts at the time I was making it.

What is your dream project?

I will work hard on getting the opportunity to collaborate alongside a curator for a museum show.

Describe the art scene in Bohol? The Bohol art scene is relatively young in terms of contemporary art. Most artists are into traditional works, mostly commissioned. We don't really have a regular spot or galleries that showcase our works so we organize pop-up shows in malls and schools. This is what draws us province-based artists to social media as it becomes our virtual gallery to share our talent.

What, if anything, would you tell your younger self?

Art can be drawn from anything. Financial or technical constraints should not stop you from being great. Be smart, resourceful and always compete with yourself.

See more of Geovanni's art:

Geovanni working on one of his artworks

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