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Human Nature Philippines

A reality of modern living is that our bodies come in contact with a lot of chemicals that we are unaware of. They lurk in your daily bath essentials, cosmetics, detergents, hand sanitizer, deodorant, nail polish, plastic containers and even your toothpaste! Many types of commercial products that are laden with nasty chemicals (parabens, triclosan, fluoride, phthalates, and oxybenzone) are not only harmful to people but pollute and destroy the environment as well. The use of animal testing, unfair trade practices and a lot of other alarming environmental issues are the effect of using such cosmetic and chemical products.

Human Nature is a reputable and trusted company in The Philippines that takes pride in honest practices and provides consumers with high-quality all-natural products. Unlike most commercial products out there, Human Nature seeks to create products that are not harmful and make use of sustainable, natural, and local ingredients. The company has numerous advocacies that support local suppliers and farmers by helping them create community-based enterprises to improve their quality of life. Another great thing about Human Nature is that what were once considered specialty goods are now more readily available in the market.

With a keen focus on health, environmental sustainability, social consciousness, and Faith, Human Nature is a company with a message that definitely needs to be heard.

Human Nature's Corporate Communications & PR Executive, Jen Suguitan tells us more.

Can you tell us the story of Human Nature?

Human Nature started out from love, literally. Love for our country, for our people, and for our environment so that children and the generations after them will get to experience what nature has to offer.

It all started when our founders (sisters Anna Meloto Wilk and Camille Meloto, and Anna’s husband, Dylan Wilk) were in the US. Anna & Dylan were slowly shifting to a greener lifestyle and sustainable living by switching to using cloth diapers and using products with less chemicals. Camille eventually joined them and pursued her love for makeup by taking freelance makeup gigs.

While in the US, they saw that there was a growing trend of natural products - from personal care to makeup. What’s fascinating was that natural ingredients like coconut, lemongrass, and citronella are actually grown and abundant here in the Philippines!

After countless hours of research & hardwork, they saw the potential for high-quality natural products that’s proudly Pinoy-made—products where each bar or bottle isn’t just good for the consumer, but it gives back to the Philippines too.

Can you brief us on some of the company’s advocacies?

We’re very focused on our core values—Pro-Poor (we keep o