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Amman, Jordan

Located on the east bank of the Jordan river is the country of Jordan. An Arab nation that's been part of many different empires, Jordan is interesting to say the least. While strolling through the capital of Amman you will easily be able to spot ruins from the Roman empire nestled on the many hills where Jordan is located. Busy and largely populated, Amman is a crowded and lively city where your stamina and endurance will be put to the test via the flights of stairs you must traverse to get around the city. Head over to Rainbow Street to experience the more metropolitan side of Amman and stay late to get a feel for the bars and nightlife as well. Art galleries, book stores and cafes are also places to check out in Rainbow Street to get a sense of what Amman is all about. Located an hour away from the capital is the Dead Sea which is sandwiched between Jordan and Israel on the West Bank. Many hotels and resorts line the shores of the Dead Sea where locals and tourists come to spend a weekend or a holiday. Famed for its high salinity, people swimming in the Dead Sea will float easily due to the large amount of salt in the water. Also notable is the black mud that visitors put on their faces and bodies for cosmetic purposes which is said to be rich in minerals. It's definitely something to check out when you're in Jordan. For the more serious adventurer, you can head to the city of Petra to view the spectacular Rose City, an amazing archaeological site featuring intricate temples carved in sandstone cliffs dating back to 300 B.C. For the bolder traveler, a whole plethora of adventure activities await you among the ancient canyons and mountains of Wadi Rum, a protected desert wilderness located about 3 hours south of Amman. Go rock climbing, hiking, gliding or trekking, to get the most out of the scenic environment of Jordan. The country of Jordan may not come to mind as a premiere destination in the middle east, but it's a place that may just surprise you with its warm people and the beauty in its simplicity.

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