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Ghost Stories

In every culture all over the world there is a common belief in the supernatural. Stories and accounts of hauntings, sightings and interactions with a world that is invisible to the naked eye have been shared and passed on since the beginning of written history. Accounts of ancient gods and monsters, ghosts, and all sorts of otherworldly creatures fill our history books and even make their way into our modern lives. Many common themes are shared by different cultures, most notable are the stories of ghosts who are said to be disembodied souls of those who have passed on but remain on earth. There is also a shared knowledge of nature spirits who are protectors of the environment, often portrayed as mischievous beings who, just like people, can lean on the side of either good or evil. The Bible talks about the Nephilim, an evil race literally descended from fallen angels, who after their mortal deaths remain on earth as evil spirits or demons and continue to plague humankind in different ways up until today. Whether its happened to you or someone close to you, everyone's got a creepy story to tell. This halloween we delve into the realm of the supernatural and ask people to share some of the scariest experiences they've had with hauntings, ghosts, Doppelgangers, Kapres, and other things that go bump in the night.

Dindz Teston

In the 90's when we were still kids in high school, my sister and I had weird experiences in one of our bedrooms at our house in Rainbow Village, Las Piñas, which was like 15 years old then. It was an ordinary school night, my family had settled in to their own bedrooms hours after dinner--mom and dad at the yellow room (master bedroom), my sisters at the pink room and me in my blue room. That night I was listening to spooky nights at Magic 89.9 FM as part of my nightly routine, which I considered my sedative. As I was falling asleep in my shallow state of slumber, a cryptic voice whispered in my ear and said, "BAKIT DI KA NATATAKOT?" (Why aren’t you afraid?) The voice sounded like it came from a tall dark man more likely described in our folklore as a "kapre". As I heard the voice, I jumped out of my bed and ran to my sisters’ pink room and forced myself to sleep in between them since their beds were next to each other. I didn't sleep in my room for months because of that. My other sister also had a similar experience in my blue room when she was having a late afternoon siesta. It was around 6pm, she was sleeping on my bed with her Nokia phone on my side table when suddenly its’ beeping sound woke her up. Realizing that she was alone in my room, she then realized that it was the sound of someone playing “snake” on her Nokia phone. She suddenly jumped off my bed and ran outside towards our living room. Until now she still wonders who was playing with her phone while she was sleeping...


Another story is from our ancestral home in Sun Valley, Parañaque where my mom's side grew up. We lived in that old house for quite some time... It was late at night when I felt like drinking a glass of water. My room then was on the 2nd floor and I had to take the stairs down to go to the fridge.

When I was about to take the last step off the stairs I got goosebumps since I think it was already past 1am and I have always considered that to be part of the devil's hour (12-3am). When I was about to step into the kitchen, I glanced out the window at the outside part of the house where there was a really old kamias tree and saw a yellow-like stone as big as an ostrich egg that was beaming with an amber glow. The one thing that gave me chills was that as I was staring at the stone it suddenly changed into a dwarf that had his eyes closed. In shock, I ran back up the stairs even though it made a lot of noise and locked myself up in my room. I never went out for a drink again during those hours. Also, some of my friends that also lived in the same village told me that every time they passed by our house they would see an old lady's silhouette from one of our bedrooms upstairs-- I just told them that that was probably my great grandmother who loved our house and was just looking after us.

Kaye Nidea

This happened to me one day in my Grandmother’s house in Makati with my husband who was then my boyfriend. We were arguing about something downstairs and in my frustration, I began to cry and went upstairs to clear my head and let the emotions pass. I also went up so that my family wouldn’t see me crying. I went up to the second floor and I left the lights off as I sat on the couch to hide my teary eyes. Suddenly I heard someone going upstairs and I peeked to see if it was my boyfriend. It was my uncle. As I looked I saw the figure of my uncle, who was slim and had a short haircut. The dim yellow bulb was behind him so I didn’t really see his face but I knew it was my uncle because there were no other men that would go up the second floor besides him because his room was on that floor. Before he reached the last step, I fixed my face to wipe the tears so he wouldn’t see that I had cried. Afraid that he would ask me what I was doing there crying in the dark, as he reached the top I hurriedly went past him down the stairs when he suddenly asked me in a low voice, “Anong ginagawa mo dito?” (What are you doing here?). In a hurry I replied “nothing.” I realized on the way down that I didn’t really see the person I was speaking with, all I saw was a shadow. I thought he would turn the lights on which is why I quickly went downstairs. When I got downstairs, I saw my boyfriend amused and pointing his finger at someone while laughing. I asked him what was so funny since we were just arguing before that. He said that uncle was funny and was making jokes. I asked him “uncle who?” and he replied “ Uncle Ed”, while pointing to a person from behind a wall. I said that was impossible because I had just spoken to Uncle Ed upstairs. I looked behind the wall and Uncle Ed was indeed there. I wasn’t scared at first because I felt like I was talking to a person, but in bed that night I couldn’t sleep because the low voice of the figure I was speaking with kept playing in my head.


Second story, my dad asked me to buy a cigarette at the store nearby. I was asked to return a frying pan to my Auntie’s house so I decided to bring it on the way to the store. From a distance, I saw my cousin who lives in my aunt’s house and called out to him for him to bring the frying pan with him to save me a trip to my aunt’s. As I called out to him he just looked at me and walked away. I got frustrated as he walked to the dark alley ignoring me. I shouted at him saying “John ano ba?! Pag may hihingin ang galing, pag uutusan di mo mautusan! (What’s up with you John?! When you need something you’re so good, but when someone’s asking you for a favor, you can’t do it!) But he just stared at me again and walked further in to the dark part of the alley. I decided to just go to my Auntie’s house and just bring the pan myself. When I got there I knocked on the door and when someone finally opened it, I was shocked to see my cousin who I was just running after a few minutes ago in the alley. I asked him. “Bakit nandito ka? kausap lang kita kanina ah, paano ka nauna sakin? “ (Why are you here? I was just talking to you! How did you get here before me?) Then he said “Anong pinagsasabi mo ate? di pa ako lumalabas ng bahay!” (What are you talking about Ate? I haven’t gone out of the house yet!) and I angrily told him “Nakita kita! tinatawag pa nga kita nakatingin ka lng sakin kaya nga naasar ako!” (I saw you! I was even calling you but you were just looking at me so I really got mad!). And then my cousin said, “Tumigil kana ate! Mag-isa lang ako dito wag mo ako takutin!” (Stop it Ate! I’m the only one here please don’t scare me!). The conversation was cut short when he said that he was going to sleep already. I couldn’t believe what happened until I thought about the incident that happened in my Grandmother’s house.

The worse part was, the next day I went to see my cousin again to convince him that it was really him that I saw in the alley. I got goosebumps when I saw what he was wearing. He was wearing the same outfit when I saw “him” in the alley the day before.


This happened in my maternal grandmother’s house in Lipa, Batangas.

During a family get-together, I went outside to get some air. When I got outside, I noticed my cousin’s father-in-law, smoking a cigarette in the front porch.

After a while, my cousin and her husband Roy arrived. Roy went home to their house (the house was next door) and my cousin went in my grandmother’s house. When I saw her I told her that I saw Roy’s dad a while ago outside and she just said, “Ah really!?”. After awhile Roy came back from his house next door and joined us. My cousin told him, “B, Nakita ni kaye ang Daddy” (B, Kaye saw daddy) Surprised, Roy said “Huh? Wala ang daddy kagabi pa!” (Huh!? Daddy’s been gone since last night!) I even described the outfit of Roy’s Dad to him “He was wearing a white sando and blue shorts and he was sitting in your planters!” Then Roy’s face changed and got worried because his dad was wearing the exact clothes she described the night before. Roy’s dad was on his way to Davao or somewhere in Mindanao. He called to check up on him and Thank God he was okay. This was the last time I experienced such incidents.

Rebecca Domingo

I was wandering aimlessly, I couldn't believe the chaos around me. Dead bodies scattered, medics busy extracting people under rubble, nurses carrying stretchers with bloodied bodies. I was trying to figure out what happened when the ground beneath me shook so violently that I sat up abruptly perspiring. Thank God it was just a dream, rather a nightmare. I was breathing heavily and wanted some water. I heard something in the bathroom, somebody was taking a shower, I could hear her faint humming. I asked myself who the hell was taking a bath at 2am when we just had gone to sleep by 12 midnight. I turned on the bedside lamp and looked at the other bed, there were four of us in the big room and we were all in bed, so, who's in there? then I noticed the sudden silence in the bathroom. I couldn't force myself to go check the bathroom without waking the girls. The bathroom's floor was wet and the room smelled of fragrant soap that was not ours. One of the girls told us she had the same experience the previous night but didn't bother to tell us so as not to scare us. We transferred room at 2:30am.

Backgrounder: This was in 1995, the advertising congress was brought back to Baguio City several years after the big earthquake that killed many people and leveled several hotels/buildings in the city. It is a 4-day event attended by delegates from all the sectors of the advertising industry. During the preparation period when we had to go up to Baguio for ocular inspections and meetings I always felt a presence especially in the hotel rooms. I forgot the name of the place, it was a big house made into a small hotel but it's no longer there. Sometimes I had to spend the night alone so I had to leave the light on the whole night. I could feel them but I don't see them 'cause if I did, i'd die!

Owie Pascual

I never believed in ghosts, but there were a lot of stories I’d always hear from my officemates. I remember I was working overtime and I was the only one left in the office. I saw a guy walking out from the balcony carrying an itak (jungle knife). During that time, the office was under construction so I thought it was a construction worker that I had seen, only to find out that when I checked with the guard if there were workers still in the office, that everyone had left for the night. So I’m not quite sure if it was a ghost I saw or something.

ChEY Faenconi

This story is about my friend from the other side, Robert. It started about the early 2000's when my lola gave me a bed she bought from a closing hotel. It was a double memory mattress, it was very comfortable for the first few months. A few nightmares now and then, but I ignored them thinking I was just tired… until it got worse. I began having sleep paralysis more often. He first showed up using my mom's face, he kissed me on the lips and it was like I was really awake. When I woke up I asked my mom, “Ma, why did you kiss me earlier while I was sleeping?” She then told me, “I don't even have the keys to your room what are you talking about?” So I just ignored it. As I took a quick shower I felt someone touching me on my back and while watching TV in my room I would feel something stroking my hair. I was awake and was not dreaming anymore. It freaked me out. Day after day the nightmares and sleep paralysis continued, to the point that I didn't want to sleep anymore, if I was sleepy I would push myself out of the bed and sleep at my parents’ room. I thought maybe the house where we lived in Cavite, was just haunted- until we moved to another house in Manila. The nightmares continued till I grew out of it as if it was a normal thing. The man in my dreams was still with me when we moved out. My insomnia worsened. I'd only sleep when the sun was already up. One dawn I was talking to my friend on my phone and I went outside for a smoke while talking to her. As I was about to enter back into our house, my friend on the phone asked me, “who are you with?” I said, “me?” The building was dead silent since it was almost 4 in the morning. I told her wait don't answer that until I get inside. She told me that she heard a man's voice ask: "SINO YANG KAUSAP MO?" (Who are you talking to?) We were both creeped out, and I told her it must have been Robert my friendly ghost. We eventually threw the bed out and my nightmares stopped although Robert never really went away up to this day now that I’m already living in Korea. He would call me even when I'm awake with a deep deep voice or I see his shadow once in a while. Just the other day I stumbled out of the bed and suddenly there was this very deep voice who said my name “CHEYYY”. Thought my husband must've been home early.., but there was no one but me and my lil girl... and ROBERT...


My boss and I were on a hunt for a new space, since her business was expanding. Luckily we found one. It was an old building though, but it was big and had 2 floors, and the good thing was it was very cheap for an office space in Manila. As we were looking around, the caretaker told us that we could go upstairs, but he would just stay downstairs coz his knees were hurting. We didn't mind though, so we took a quick look upstairs and the rooms were really big with big windows. It was a really good spot. Cheap, big and just needed a few furnishings, so my boss didn't think twice and leased it.

After refurnishing the office, it still felt old and dark but it was not a big deal for us since we work graveyards, and most of my officemates were used to fighting the sleepy feeling. Whatever we did, the place was just always gloomy and sad so my boss decided to take us on team buildings and she threw an early Christmas party so the vibe would change. Employees got closer, jokes and pranks while working, the vibe changed… It was happier than before.

But I don’t think the one who was left within the old office liked it... she then started to make a move.

One night our team joker was late, he was in a rush while going upstairs and while opening his PC he said that he bumped into something on his way up though he didn’t see anyone or anything. We just laughed because we thought he was just joking, but he said it was not a joke. He said that his back hurts, as if someone scratched him. He lifted his shirt up and true enough there were marks on his back, long hard scratches from below his nape down to his waist. It was scratched so hard that some scratches even had small droplets of blood.

That was just the beginning.

Every 2-3AM the floor tiles downstairs would start to sound as if someone were walking on it, even if all of us were upstairs.There were size-10 footprints on the bathroom tile with toe marks at the very corner beside the toilet. And it was just a pair of prints in that corner, not all over the whole bathroom.

One night our boss invited us all for lunch. That was around 2 AM, so we all went except for the newbie who said that she was not hungry and that it was okay if she was left alone in the office because she didn’t believe in ghosts. That night she became a believer. As she was singing along with the music playing in the office, someone sang with her. She was so pale when we came back. She said a woman’s voice whispered in her ears and said “I'll catch a grenade for yah”.

We were all eating lunch down stairs and then there were 3 knocks coming from the front door. It was double locked and click click... We were all staring as the locks turned... and creeeekkk the door slowly opened... but no one entered.

My friend and I were left in the office so I could finish my reports. Too tired, we slept in the office. Then “she” came and showed up… in my dreams. She was in an indian-sit position, back turned against me above my head. The background was all in sepia as if it was in a 70's or 80's movie. The building looked like what we had seen when we first saw it but it was new as if it was just made. Her hair was long and black and she was wearing white but she was not a white lady.

She was slowly turning towards me, she would move every few seconds and as she turned her face started to change from beautiful to burned… like burnt wood. I was screaming in my dreams for help like I was trapped. I was screaming for my friend to help me, "Ate jinggg ate jingg tulonggg , ma, gisingin nyo ko" (Ate Jing, help me, Mom, wake me up!) I was praying for help and kept on pushing myself to get up or move but I couldn't. I felt so helpless and so tired while watching her and just as she was about to show her whole face, I was able to wake up..

The next day I told my boss about my dream. Since it had been occurring more often, she decided to ask the caretaker who had been there since the 80's about the place. The caretaker revealed the story that in the early 80's when the place was just built, someone burned it with a lady trapped inside.

Every night they would hear a loud scream coming from that old office… with or without tenants, she would let someone hear her screams..

They said the lady never left… and that she would never leave...

Kevin Cortes