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Ghost Stories

In every culture all over the world there is a common belief in the supernatural. Stories and accounts of hauntings, sightings and interactions with a world that is invisible to the naked eye have been shared and passed on since the beginning of written history. Accounts of ancient gods and monsters, ghosts, and all sorts of otherworldly creatures fill our history books and even make their way into our modern lives. Many common themes are shared by different cultures, most notable are the stories of ghosts who are said to be disembodied souls of those who have passed on but remain on earth. There is also a shared knowledge of nature spirits who are protectors of the environment, often portrayed as mischievous beings who, just like people, can lean on the side of either good or evil. The Bible talks about the Nephilim, an evil race literally descended from fallen angels, who after their mortal deaths remain on earth as evil spirits or demons and continue to plague humankind in different ways up until today. Whether its happened to you or someone close to you, everyone's got a creepy story to tell. This halloween we delve into the realm of the supernatural and ask people to share some of the scariest experiences they've had with hauntings, ghosts, Doppelgangers, Kapres, and other things that go bump in the night.

Dindz Teston

In the 90's when we were still kids in high school, my sister and I had weird experiences in one of our bedrooms at our house in Rainbow Village, Las Piñas, which was like 15 years old then. It was an ordinary school night, my family had settled in to their own bedrooms hours after dinner--mom and dad at the yellow room (master bedroom), my sisters at the pink room and me in my blue room. That night I was listening to spooky nights at Magic 89.9 FM as part of my nightly routine, which I considered my sedative. As I was falling asleep in my shallow state of slumber, a cryptic voice whispered in my ear and said, "BAKIT DI KA NATATAKOT?" (Why aren’t you afraid?) The voice sounded like it came from a tall dark man more likely described in our folklore as a "kapre". As I heard the voice, I jumped out of my bed and ran to my sisters’ pink room and forced myself to sleep in between them since their beds were next to each other. I didn't sleep in my room for months because of that. My other sister also had a similar experience in my blue room when she was having a late afternoon siesta. It was around 6pm, she was sleeping on my bed with her Nokia phone on my side table when suddenly its’ beeping sound woke her up. Realizing that she was alone in my room, she then realized that it was the sound of someone playing “snake” on her Nokia phone. She suddenly jumped off my bed and ran outside towards our living room. Until now she still wonders who was playing with her phone while she was sleeping...


Another story is from our ancestral home in Sun Valley, Parañaque where my mom's side grew up. We lived in that old house for quite some time... It was late at night when I felt like drinking a glass of water. My room then was on the 2nd floor and I had to take the stairs down to go to the fridge.