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Kelly Misa-Fernandez


Kelly Misa-Fernandez



Star Sign:


Hails From:

Manila, Philippines

Blogs About:

Fashion, beauty, food and babies! What started as a beauty blog became a personal lifestyle blog where I share the things I love.

Things you do in your free time:

I'm a hands on mom so I don't have much free time. When I get the chance though I nap, snack and blog. Oh, and I make time to travel. During my downtime, I try to find the best travel deals so my family and I can explore the world.

What are your Pet peeves?

Since becoming a mom I cannot tolerate people who are slow/late. I'd rather spend my time with my son!

Top 3 things on your Bucket list?

My bucket list is basically a travel list, and I don't think I can limit it to only 3, so lets make it 5. Here are the five places I want to visit before I die:

- Norway

- Marrakesh

- Mexico

- Madagascar

- Chile

People you admire?

My grandmother, Rosalina E. Galvez and my mom, Rosemarie Misa.

Best advice you've ever been given?

The best advice I've ever been given was to start my blog. My good friend, Patty Laurel-Filart convinced me to start it and has been super supportive from day one.

One thing that people don't know about you?

I am an introvert. I actually have to psych myself up to meet and talk to people haha. Hence, the blog! It is where I can truly be myself without worrying about talking to people. I am such a blogger lol!

Coffee or Tea?

Neither at the moment, as I am still breastfeeding. I'd rather have coconut/buko juice!

My one true regret is...

I've thought of it before and realized I shouldn't regret anything because I am where I am now because of all the mistakes I've made.

Your No.1 Karaoke song?

Total eclipse of the heart

Top 3 things you'd bring if you were to get stuck on an island?

Can my family count as one thing? Hahaha. Ugh, so hard. If I were stuck on an island and I can have 3 things with me, I'd want a working satellite phone to be able to call for help, a big knife to be able to make shelter/catch food/open coconuts, and a fire-starter so I can cook my food.

What makes you happy?

My son, Tristan. He is my inspiration. Everything I do is for him and his future.


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