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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a remarkable city. Avantgarde, modern and full of life, Barcelona and its people clearly enjoy the best that life has to offer. This stylish Spanish coastal city located on the shores of the Mediterranean is a visual feast for travellers and locals. The natural backdrop of mountains, sky, and ocean infused with Gaudi’s unique architectural creations that scatter the city gives Barcelona its unique identity. Most notable is Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece, The Sagrada Familia, which stands imposingly in the heart of the city. Barcelona’s influence in culture and style not just to the rest of Spain and Europe but to the world makes it one of the world’s major global cities. A long time center for tourism and commerce in Europe, Barcelona is a historical city that celebrates it’s past but continues to evolve along with each passing generation.

Barcelona is an old European city infused with a lot of energetic and new generation vibes. While walking the streets it’s not unusual to see people on their roller skates or using their bikes to get from one place to another. When going sightseeing in the city, It’s best to take the tourist bus because the landmarks are a bit far away from each other and it’s easier to just use the bus to hop on and off. Make a visit to the many beaches and just relax or go for your morning exercise. Explore the historical parts of Barcelona and learn it's amazing past and what makes it what it is today.

Get a taste of the fantastic culinary scene, making sure to try Spanish classics like Sangria, Tapas, and Paella but with the distinctive Catalan touch. Barcelona has a limitless variety of food to offer so make sure to try everything! A trip to the market is a must and can be very exciting because of the vibrant colors of the fresh produce you’ll see there. Try their famous cured meat – Jamón, Chorizo, Chistorra in all their salty, porky goodness. Ranging from simple street food to molecular gastronomy, Barcelona’s cuisine is undoubtedly like no other. With all the fresh seafood caught off the Mediterranean at their disposal, chefs from Barcelona need not go far to get the best ingredients for their mouth-watering creations.

Besides the abundance of seafood, being a coastal city has other advantages, one of them being the laid-back atmosphere that is almost mandatory when being by the beach. A travellers true dream destination, Barcelona is a mix of big city modern and easy beach ambiance. Friendly people, delectable food, great shopping, and a fun and upbeat aura, Barcelona aims to amaze, and doesn’t ever disappoint.

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