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Sugar, New York, USA

Originally from the Philippines, Sugar is a beauty blogger and Systems Applications Support Associate now living in New York City. We ask her for some recommendations on what to do when exploring NYC.

Sugar in front of the St. Patrick's Cathedral in 5th Avenue

What do you enjoy best in the country you're in?

Any recommendations for travellers going to your new country?

"I like the fact that the New York subway system offers service 24 hours per day and every day of the year. If you want to travel to New York City, Google maps will be your best friend since it will give you options on how to get anywhere in New York."

One of the best rooftop bars is Kimpton Ink 48 Hotel. One of the best steakhouses is Keen's Steakhouse at 72 W. 36th Street.

SoHo is the best place to shop for clothes, bags, and shoes. Sephora is my favorite store to shop makeup. If you are looking for more affordable brands, Ulta is the best place to get them."

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