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Victor, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal's beautiful capital city by the coast is a place like no other. Views of the Atlantic behind cobblestones and brightly-colored buildings make up the landscape of this historical city. Victor, a native of Lisbon, shares some tips to take with you on your future trip to Portugal's City of Seven Hills.

Victor in Praça do Comércio

Best time to visit?

March until October

Must try local dishes?

Bacalhau (Cod fish, cooked in 1000 different ways)

Polvo a Lagareiro (Octopus)

For dessert Pastel de Nata (Pastel de Belem)

Your city's most popular tourist spot?

Torre de Belém and Downtown Lisbon

Any favorite local place or spot you would recommend to a visitor in your city?

Praça do Comércio

Important local phrases

Olá (Hello)

Bom dia (Good Morning)

Obrigado/Obrigada - Male speaker/Female speaker (Thank You)

Adeus/Xau (Goodbye)

Por favor (Please)

Com liscensa (Excuse me)

Sim (Yes)

Não (No)

Esquerda (Left)

Direita (Right)

Em frente (Straight ahead)

Onde posso encontrar ... (Where can I find a ..)

Quanto é que custa? (How much does it cost?)

A conta por favor (To ask for the bill)

Safety Precautions/Reminders/Tips for travellers:

  • The city is very safe at any time and at night it's well illuminated and there's police patrol.

  • Emergency number is 112

  • Upon arrival at the airport get an Uber or any other similar service. It's only available at departures.

  • There is a subway network in the whole city and also available from or to the airport.

  • There is a Bus network, taxi, and electric trains downtown.

  • The currency is Euro €

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