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How we love our animals

For some people it's dogs, for others fish, birds and even reptiles, for us, it's cats. Like so many others, we are drawn to these felines' silly and curious personalities, so much so that we now have four of these furry creatures running around our house. Low maintenance (no potty-walking), funny, and oftentimes sweet, our four cats unwittingly entertain us all day with their antics and tireless play. Although we have to constantly suffer through fur in our faces and scratch-covered furniture, we simply cannot imagine life anymore without our little companions. These cuddly gifts from God always put us in a good mood and just being around them always alleviates whatever tensions we have from the day. They do so much for us without them even knowing and we repay that gesture back by caring for them and keeping them as healthy and happy as can be. Although they are always energetic and all over the place, they are all also very sweet and affectionate, and it's that tenderness and bond that makes having pets such a joy. They are there for us as much as we are there for them, after all, we are a family. Take a peek at our four crazy cats and let us show you how we love our animals.

We have our morning coffees with them

These guys are the sweetest during mornings.

We let them hang out anywhere around the house

pun intended!

We encourage them to exercise

Especially this fat kitty

We take selfies with them

T-bear is the vainest of them all

We let them use some electronic gadgets

Meex is more of a social media girl and T-bear is a gamer.

Meex checking her likes on Instagram and T-bear playing with the Family Computer (box) - his favorite games are Circus Charlie, TwinBee, Bomber Man, Mappy and Contra.

We try to give them good and quality organic food

Most commercial pet food is packed with sugar and it's very unhealthy for pets and makes them hungry all the time. Cats are natural carnivores, The food we get them is packed with the essential nutrients and protein they need without the carbs and they don't get hungry all the time.

We let them enjoy the outdoors all the time

So they can run around for exercise and get their needed Vitamin D.

We bathe them

We avoid putting chemicals on them so we use apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle. We spray them and let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing it. Apple Cider is an ideal organic remedy for getting rid of fleas.

We "animal" watch with them

We enjoy seeing their animal instincts ignite when they see birds, lizards and insects.