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Corregidor, Philippines

In his famous speech delivered after leaving Corregidor Island in the Philippines and narrowly escaping Japanese enemy forces in 1942, General Douglas McArthur uttered his famous words, "I shall return." Two years later he would keep that promise and help take back the country from the Japanese and give the Philippines a true taste of freedom. The events that took place in Corregidor turned the tide of the war in the enemy's favor and the small island served as the backdrop for one of the most crucial battles in Philippine history.

At present, Corregidor Island serves as both a historic monument and a popular destination for tourists and history aficionados. The ruins of the destroyed buildings still remain as well as some of the weapons and artillery once used as defense for the island. Also present on the island is the Pacific War Memorial, a monument created to honor the men who participated in the war.

Visitors who are interested in the historical significance of Corregidor can take a day tour to the island through Sun Cruise, which ferries tourists daily to and from Corregidor, complete with organized tours and meals. Overnight accommodations are available through the island's only hotel (which is currently under renovation) and for more adventurous individuals, tourists can camp out under the stars in tents available on the grounds. Many hiking and bike tours are also available on the island and can also be arranged through Sun Cruise.

Corregidor played a vital role in history and even today, it's story is still commemorated and shared with the visitors that set foot on the island every day. A pleasantly short ferry trip from Manila Bay, the Corregidor tour is unique and delivers a historical perspective of the Philippines like no other. Lovers of history will not want to overlook this experience because no other tour in the country immerses you into the past quite like the experience of Corregidor. A great activity for foreign tourists and maybe even more so for locals who need to re-learn their history, the Corregidor tours are informative, affordable and most of all convenient. The short ferry rides, tour buses, fun atmosphere and excellent tour guides all make up a truly engaging experience that will take you back in time to a place in history wherein events that took place had significant effects on the entire world. What once was the setting for a dark period in the Philippines' history, now stands as a memorial of hope and perseverance, and a remembrance for the Filipino people to never forget the hardships the country had to endure to finally gain its freedom.

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