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Wire Art

While wandering the colorful streets of Ximending, our favorite area in Taipei, we chanced upon a stall that had some cool wire art on display. Upon closer inspection we noticed that the figures they created out of bendable colored wires were of pop culture figures that would seem familiar to people across many different cultures. Japanese anime robots, comic and movie characters, Vespa scooters, bikes, and other iconic characters and objects from the past until the present. Some of their creations were as simple as stylized lettering formed into people's names to be used as keychains or bag tags, others more intricate and complex such as foot-tall Optimus Primes and Chinese dragons that took a month's worth of work to complete. The creator of these wire masterpieces,

A Lumi Ho, has been doing his art for 10 years and running, along with his wife Angel. Together they turned a hobby into a bustling business that gets many customers and admirers flocking to their stall at all hours of the day to take photos and have custom work done. The next time you visit Taipei and explore popular Ximending, don't forget to check out their stall and marvel at their cool and fascinating works of art. Who says you can't play and work at the same time? Not a bad way to make a living.

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