Brandy and Randy

June 3, 2017

When my niece first took in Brandy, her petite and energetic golden retriever, she didn't think she would be ending up with two pets instead of one. After a few months by herself, Brandy found herself a friend in the form of a wandering village kitten. Once just a frequent visitor to the house, the frisky feline now helps herself to Brandy's food, water and bed and the two are always seen snuggling with each other every nap time. Now nicknamed, Randy, the sweet cat is now a staple of their house and has further affirmed her role as Brandy's best friend. A true pair of unlikely buddies, Brandy and Randy  show that friendship has no boundaries.


Brandy and Randy the unlikely Buddies 



Photos property of Karla Ongpin Lirio


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