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Antonio, 30

How did you get to be such an avid traveler?

I used to watch travel shows when I was young and imagined myself to be in those places being shown. My desires led me to land a job wherein I could experience how wonderful the world is. Fortunately, I've been working as a Cabin Crew for over 9 years now. Landing a job which triggers my heart, mind and feet to be happy is such a great opportunity. I really love exploring places and sharing it through my photos. Travel+photography are my passion.

Baku, azerbaijan


Lacma los angeles country of museum arts


What is your most memorable experience while on one of your travels?

Most memorable probably is my solo backpacking adventure in 3 different asian countries (Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam) way back in 2011. I took a vacation for 10 days and it made me realize that there's a difference between traveling while you are on the job and traveling when you are on vacation. Traveling alone without having someone as company makes you realize so many things about yourself. I remember when I was in Cambodia I rented a tuktuk for three days just to take me around to places. At first, getting around was my only intention but after three days it gave me the other best experience. I became close with my tuktuk driver. Traveling and seeing places was just the tip of the iceberg. The total experience that completes every travel is when we immerse ourselves in the locals' society. It's the people who give meaning and makes a place truly memorable.

Millenium Bridge, London, UK


What are the best travel tips you've learned throughout your adventures?

My rule of thumb is to know the 3 P's. Place, People and Precautions. One should spend time to do some research (i.e. Wikitravel, Tripadvisor, watch some videos in youtube) for you to have an idea what to expect, where to go and most importantly how to keep yourself safe (to avoid scams or tourist traps etc.). In planning we cut down unnecessary expectations thus making each travel worthwhile.

Tunis, Tunisia


Miami beach, Florida , USA


portofino, Italian Riviera, italy


brighton, victoria, australia


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If you could pick one destination from all the places you've been to, which would you recommend to someone and why?

A rugged coastal village in the Italian Riviera called Cinque Terre! It's one of the most astonishing places I've been to.

Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera, italy


leaning tower of pisa, italy


santa fe, cebu, philippines


paris, france


What's next on your travel bucket list?

Since I'm working in an international airline, I've already had a chance to explore amazing destinations overseas. So now I'm trying to explore the beauty of our country, The Philippines. We have so many places for us to explore. Exploring your own country gives you a different feeling of such ownership and pride. Each place has its' own beauty, I guess you can say that I'm biased. Our country is a tourist haven just waiting for us to love and own.

san juan, La Union, Philippines


Moscow, russia


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patong, phuket, thailand



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