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Dominic Nuesa

Dominic Nuesa is the visionary behind Ang Araw sa Likod Mo – a film that’s toured the world and has been nominated for, and won, numerous international awards. Produced by Nuesa’s An Earth Below Productions, the film tackles the horrors and hardships of war in Mindanao as soldiers and civilians alike try to survive the war against terrorism.

Majority of the film’s proceeds will go on and benefit the HERO Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping the families of AFP soldiers who’ve fallen in the line of duty by providing an education for their children.

Starring Ping Medina, Bong Cabrera and Mike Liwag, this is Dominic Nuesa’s Feature Film debut.

We talked to Dominic to learn more about his passion project.

Can you tell us something about the movie? Tell us about Hero Foundation?

Three years ago, I was shooting a promotional video for HERO Foundation. I came to be inspired about what they stand for and the noble purpose they serve. HERO is an NGO that provides scholarships to the children of our soldiers who have been killed or incapacitated during combat. I told HERO that I want to produce and direct films that feature the sacrifice and heroism of our soldiers. One of these films is "Ang Araw sa Likod Mo", an advocacy film that has donated proceeds to HERO.

"Ang Araw sa Likod Mo" is a war/drama set in Basilan starring Ping Medina, Bong Cabrera and Mike Liwag. It has won a multi-awarded film that is recognized internationally, and is Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board for its cultural relevance and artistic merits.

How did you prepare yourself to write and direct this movie?

For me to be fully confident and comfortable in portraying both soldiers and Muslims, it took me 6 months of inspiring research. I needed to understand the operations of Scout Rangers, which is one of the elite units of the Philippine Army. In the same breath, I had to study Islam and their teachings. Ultimately, I fell in love with Islam. It is a beautiful religion with beautiful people. How one gets radicalized from a religion that champions universal good in us is something that fascinates me personally, and is something that the film tackles.

It took us 6 sessions of auditions which eventually led to an award winning cast. Ping Medina, Bong Cabrera and Mike Liwag have all garnered recognitions abroad for their roles in the film.

What was it like receiving your award in Nice, France?

Tell us about it?

Winning awards is a testament to the wonderful talents of the people I work with. Their passion and compassion towards the project is something I'm very proud of, and I'm happy that our work is recognized, if only to honor HERO Foundation and shed light on the plight of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Any plans for your next feature?

I'm currently working on two projects. Regrettably, I cannot divulge any details yet, but rest assured it will feature an action packed narrative with high caliber acting.

What makes you happy?

As long as I can write and direct feature films and come home to my family and dogs, I'll be happy. Oh and dive with my girlfriend around the world.

Ang Araw sa Likod Mo Official Trailer

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