August 5, 2017







Paw Parent

Kelly Misa-Fernandez





Lilybear, Lilyput





11 years old





Sharpei-Aspin mix









What's Her Story?

My sister in law had a sharpei named Coco--she is Lily's mom. Lily was part of a litter of five and she was the only girl. No one wanted her so I ended up adopting her. 





Alpha female. She is headstrong, determined and a born leader. At the same time she is super loyal, trustworthy, lovable and super sweet. 





Adorable behavior

Lily loves to eat and will do pretty much anything for a snack. She sits, shakes (my hand) and lays down. She also loves the beach! We bring her to a nearby beach in Batangas and she enjoys the water so much.





Annoying Trait

She barks when she is excited sooooo she can be quite noisy. A struggle when my two year old has fallen asleep in the car and we want to bring him straight to bed. We try to distract her most of the time, but it rarely works. She is just too happy to see us.





Favorite treat

We give her a big piece of raw bulalo meat when she's good. It takes her a few hours to finish it all, and wow she is in heaven with that treat. 





Pet's Peeve 

Lily doesn't like it when strangers give off bad energy in the house (as all dogs do). This one's senses is extra keen though, and really knows when my mood has changed because of a person or situation.





Most memorable Pet moment 

When she was just a little puppy she was too scared to go up the stairs. And one day we saw her all the way upstairs barking because she couldn't go down. She was soooo little and she did it all by herself. We knew we had a brave little puppy in our care. 



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