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Metryk is a local art and furniture design company that perfectly blends function, aesthetics and form. The brain child of Miguel Habito, who you can often find hanging out and creating new beauties at his workshop, Metryk create shelves, candle holders, phone stands and everything in between. What stands out about Metryk is the way they play with and use wood. The designs are modern, but still retain a playfulness and warmth that allows them uniquely blend in and stand out at the same time. One look at his pieces and you can see the craft and dedication that’s placed into every design, handcrafted with love, care and, above all else, skillful talent.

Aside from his currently available pieces, he also accept custom orders which can make for perfect gifts or one-of-a-kind room accents. When you catch his booth at bazaars, if Miguel Habito’s behind the table, he can even personalize the items with your initials – a wonderful touch anyone would appreciate.

Metryk is the definition of the joy of woodworking.

Tell us more about Metryk?

Metryk is a design brand I created. It focuses on fusing art and home decor pieces to create a different feel to a given space. In my Studio I try to make products that are playful, interactive and add a personal touch to one's living space.

How did your passion for woodworking come about?

After I left my job in manila I wanted to be a furniture designer. At first it wasn't my idea to actually make the products myself but after going around and showing my designs to some workshops I found it hard to find somebody I could rely on with making my items. Thankfully my cousin was getting into wood working and he guided me on how to make my designs on my own. After that I got hooked with woodworking.

When did you decide that this was something you wanted to do?

I was working in a graphic design company 2 years ago. I woke up one morning and asked myself if I was happy with my job. Ever since I graduated college I wanted to work on objects that I designed, so I decided at that time that while I’m not married yet and have no family of my own, I would risk my job to create Metryk.

Where do you draw inspiration from when working on a piece?

I look at pictures of rooms, furniture and things I want to have in my space.

What part of the process excites you?

Making the finishing touches to a new product. Its like opening up a gift that you wished for.

What makes you Happy?

Being able to design and see my works in peoples spaces.

Catch Metryk at Bazaars around the metro and checkout their selected items at the LivStore.

Photos property of Miguel Habito


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