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Siargao, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines

Siargao isn’t just the surfing capital of the Philippines. It’s more than just that. Thanks to its tidal pools, sandbars, breathtaking sights and crystal-clear water, Siargao is one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines -- maybe, even in the world.

The main hub of the island can be found in General Luna. A lovely and lively beach town, it’s where you can find great places to stay in, as well as the ports that can take you to other nearby islands in case you want to go island hopping.

Although there’s been a surge in its commercialization over the years, especially with more and more tourists coming, General Luna still retains its charm and down to earth beauty. So much so that to get around, you have to rely on habal-habal – which is basically hitching a ride on a motorcycle – one of the more fun and scenic ways to experience the islands.

Island hopping is a must, as Siargao offers three islands for you to explore. Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island. Most resorts at General Luna can offer you interesting and affordable tours of these beautiful islands.

You also have to save some time and enjoy the Magpupungko Pool – a kind of natural infinity pool with stunning colors and a magical view. Located in Pilar, it’s only about an hour's ride away from General Luna.

And of course, one of the most obvious things you can enjoy in Siargao is surfing. The famed Cloud 9 Surf Beach attracts people from all over the world, with seven-foot waves waiting for you for most of the year. There’s a reason it’s a Surfer’s Paradise after all.

Whether you want to relax or chase thrills, ride waves or simply get lost, Siargao has something that will speak to you, that will make you want to never leave. It has a magic spell it casts on people, and right now, it’s simply waiting for you to arrive.



There are two airlines operating daily flights to Siargao Island from Manila. One is through Cebu Pacific and SkyJet Airlines. You can also take a ferry if you're coming from Surigao City.


General Luna

The famous cloud 9 where annual surfing competitions are usually held


Ally Surf Shop

Surfboards for rent and surf Lessons

Public Market

If you're on a budget, a trip to the market for fresh finds is practical. You can ask some restaurants to prepare and cook it for you for a small fee. This public market comes alive before the sun sets.

Shaka Siargao

Coffee, smoothies, fresh juices, power bowls and all things healthy.

Harana Surf Resort

Resort, Cafe and Restaurant

Dawis Restaurant

A compact restaurant that serves great affordable food.

Mama's Grill

A barbecue joint that offers pork, chicken skewers and other grilled delights.


Kitya's Place

A relaxed little spot that offers cocktails, shakes and tasty treats.




A house situated in a private yard hidden away from the main street. The house is walking distance to a lot of restaurants and cafes and the beach is just a block away. Located just in between the town proper and Cloud 9. Click here to know more about this listing.



Island Hopping

Some hotels offer packages that can take you to the nearby islands - Guyam, Naked Island, and Dako. Kermit Siargao offers a tour package that will take you to all three islands complete with a delicious and filling local lunch. Click here to learn more.


Magpupungko tidal pools

It's best to go here during low tide so you can see it in all it's beauty so better to time your visit accordingly. You'll experience a rocky path to the pool so it's best to wear your slippers. Also note to be aware of the bright blue jellyfish called blue bottles because they're all around and they sting!


Sohoton Caves

This beautiful and quiet lagoon is located in Bucas Grande. Going to the Sohoton Caves will take you an hour and half or more boat ride from General Luna. This lagoon is for the adventurous of heart and not advisable for kids especially in stormy weather. Be prepared to dress in your swimming gear and pay almost a thousand pesos to pay for all the permits and entrance, docking and environmental fees. On the last stop of the tour you get to enter a cave and jump off a small cliff to conquer your fear of heights. Be sure to try their local delicacy, Adobong Saang also known as spider shells to complete your experience.



The most common mode of transportation used in Siargao. Hire a habal-habal to take you around or rent your own motorbike to explore the island.


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