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The Healthy Grocery

In a world ruled by fast food and bad habits, staying healthy is one of the most important things we can do today. And the secret to doing that besides exercise is getting the right nutrients into our systems. Not getting the right nutrients causes deficiencies in our body which can lead to even bigger problems down the line. With the rise of illnesses, obesity and other diseases, it's clear that the intake of nutritious and healthy food is essential to living right.

Thankfully, doing that is easier these days, thanks in part to brands like The Healthy Grocery.

Armed with the world’s top health products, The Healthy Grocery is a great way to start living the life we should all be living.

The Healthy Grocery sells all kinds of natural superfoods supplements that go a long way towards your health and well-being – from Raw Acai and Acerola, to Chia Seeds, Cashews and Goji Berries. Whether you're looking to add power-packed ingredients to your superfood breakfast bowl or supplementing for overall health or sports, they have what your body needs to take your performance and overall well-being to another level.

Easily accessible and found both online and in select locations, The Healthy Grocery is your first, and hopefully continued step, towards the best version of yourself, living the best version of your life.

We speak to The Healthy Grocery founder, Anton Sanvicente to learn more on how it all started, Superfoods he can't live without, and how to stay fit.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background?

I was formally trained in the hospitality industry and I did some work before with wine. I fell in love with the vine and spent a lot of time diving deep into it but at some point I could not stand a glass of alcohol anymore. I had a total shift of perspective, dropped out of the rat race, and I decided to focus my energy on learning how to make the human body perform extreme things. I found that the human body is extremely sensitive to input. Whether it be the food you eat, the thoughts you have, the place you are in, or the life you decide to live. It all comes together.

How did the idea of creating the healthy grocery come about?

I was on a plane on the way to the deep jungle in Mindanao and I was chugging down a bottle of Chia Seeds mixed with Goji and I offered my buddy who came on the trip with me. "Want some?". "What the heck is that stuff?". "Oh, these are Superfoods!".

He tried them out and he loved them and immediately felt great. Jokingly, he says that it was my secret to my energy. I laugh and he asks me, "Why don't you turn this into a business? Nobody is doing this now and you've always been eating these funky foods!".

That is the exact moment that the concept for the company started!

What are your favorite products?

That's incredibly hard to answer because I can't live without them all! I have them all regularly but I choose different ones everyday depending on my activities.

There are some Superfoods that I take daily and these never disappear from my Superfood pantry. Spirulina, Maca, Cacao, Goji, Acai/Camu, Adlay, and Quinoa.

Which of your products do you think is something everyone should be taking?

Those that I mentioned which are my favorites. I like them because cover a very wide range of nutritional needs and you really do feel a big difference in your energy.

Any health or nutrition tips you can share to people looking to get fit?

Spend most of your time moving around.

Keep it simple.

Don't stress out about perfecting what you eat. Keep it positive.

Quality over quantity of food.

Practice intermittent fasting.

Breathe deeply.



Powerful Antioxidant

Helps reduce pain from Arthritis

Stimulates the body to produce Human Growth Hormones making it an anti-aging superfood

Rich in amino acids and vitamins


Improves skin health and complexion

Naturally increases energy

Accelerates healing in the body

Detoxifies the body

Raw Acai

Fights free radicals in the body

Fat burner and boosts metabolism

Regulates cholesterol


Increases alertness and concentration

Reduces fatigue and tension

Increases libido

Relieves headaches and migraine

Raw Cacao Powder

Acts as anti-depressant and improves mood

Helps reduce PMS

Assists in regulating heartbeat

Mild diuretic - pushes toxins out of the body


Fights insomnia


Proven effective to treat skin conditions

Speeds up wound healing

Raw Wheatgrass

Slows down the aging process

Keeps the hair from graying

Cleanses the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract of debris

Strong alkalizing and detoxifying effect on the body

RAW Maca

Faster Muscle building

Balances hormones

Helps people increase energy levels

Stress release and adaptation

Grass Fed Whey

Helps repair and build muscle

Compared to grain fed whey protein, grass fed whey is 4x higher in important Omega 3 fatty acids

Rich in Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a powerful nutrient known to increase fat metabolism

Plant Based BCAA

Includes isoleucine, leucine, valine and amino acids essential for building muscle

Lessens muscle soreness after an intense workout


Enhances memory and concentration

Contains high levels of chlorophyll that helps flush heavy metals from the body

Reduces cholesterol

Enhances metabolism and increase fat loss

Chia Seeds

Cleanses the colon

More potassium than bananas

Keeps your blood sugar balanced

High in calcium

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