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Pawfect Plate

More than just friends, pets are family. And we always want what’s best for our family, right?

Pawfect Plate is a local all-natural artisan pet kitchen that provides not just nutritious meals for your pets, but delicious ones that cater to their palettes as well. After all, as we all know from today's trends in food, healthy can be yummy too.

Their story begins with Erika Santos, whose own pets were suffering from allergies. After consultations with vets, they were advised to provide a fresh and natural diet for their furry friends by creating their own homemade treats. Not only did it work, it inspired her to push further and look beyond their own family.

Before she knew it, they were making Bailey Bites, Chicken Xanders and Summer Stix for everybody.

Thoroughly studied and sourced from quality meats, Pawfect Plate specializes in jerky type food that’s complete with everything your pet needs. The key to their treats are the fact that they’re dehydrated – a process that removes all the moisture from the meat, making it softer and yummier, but at the same time retains all the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids.

Our pets bring so much joy into our lives, without asking for much in return. The least we can do is reward them not only with treats they’ll love, but treats that will love their bodies as well.

Erika with her beloved pooches, Summer and Bailey

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