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Anna Bautista

Anna Bautista is a talented young artist whose skill with the brush allows her to create beautiful pieces. Armed with a distinct style at such a young age, we sat down with her to discuss her life, her process and her dreams.

Can you elaborate a bit about your background?

As a kid I wasn’t really much into the arts since I was a student-athlete. I was a competitive swimmer from Colegio San Agustin which would represent Makati from time to time in regional sport events. It was only during my first year in high school that I kind of “discovered” that I had a hand for it, all thanks to my teachers at that time. It just started from simply drawing costumes for our school’s cheering competition that eventually led me to create art on canvases, then walls (murals) and now furniture. I am now currently taking up AB- Communication Arts in De La Salle University Manila, balancing my academics with my craft.

How would you describe your art?

In terms of my art style— I’d describe my art like how I’d describe how I see life in general. My art style consists of little blotches of paint that form a cohesive photo, just like how I see life as colourful bits and pieces of experiences that add up to form a beautiful lifetime (as cheesy as that sounds haha)

Where do you find inspiration and motivation?

I find inspiration from things I encounter everyday. My art has started because of commissioned portraits but lately I’ve been doing more stuff for me and it’s been the music i listen to, the books I read, the films I watch and the notable experiences that happen to me that motivate me to create something.

Whose art are you an admirer of?

I am a big fan of the works of Matisse, Basquiat, Rene Magritte, Keith Haring, Banksy, Piet Parra, Adam Lister and Adam Hoens

What are the essential items in your workspace?

Pencil, fine tipped waterbrush, simbalion watercolour palette, masking tape and a bottle of china ink.

Music on or off when painting?

Definitely on.

What would be your dream collaboration?

As ambitious as it sounds, my dream collaboration would definitely be to work with Banksy here in Manila.

What makes you happy?

There are numerous things that make me happy and I feel like I could just go and on about it, but those on top of the list would have to be my loved ones, good music and even better food. I also find joy in exploring new places and trying new things. I am happiest when I am at the beach.

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