Bean & Yolk

December 2, 2017


In a time when breakfast food is best enjoyed in the morning, night, or anytime in between, eggs and coffee are a cornerstone of delight and deliciousness, reigning supreme in our hearts and palates. Who doesn’t love coffee and eggs, right?


Bean & Yolk is built upon this cornerstone, and takes center stage.


And we are all so very lucky because of it.


Tucked away in Poblacion, this all-day Brunch Café has a simple menu that’s sure to take you all the way to the gates of breakfast heaven.


On the menu, you can try their scrumptious Eggs Ben, their take on the classic breakfast staple eggs benedict  or spice it up a little with their off-menu item, the Chorizo Eggs Ben. For something cheesy, try Cara’s Fave --  a sinful buttery grilled cheese sandwich with runny eggs to make your mouth water. If you want a taste of their version of English Boiled eggs and “soldiers”, make sure to give the Molly a try.


For the “Bean” part of Bean & Yolk, their simple Latte is done to perfection, while their Latte Gianduja packs a hazelnut punch. Another bestseller is their B&Y Mocha, an espresso with two kinds of chocolate. Their secret? Baristas who love coffee, and beans that hail all the way from Brazil.


The brainchild of husband and wife Chukoy and Papo Jorolan, the couple capitalized on people’s love for the simple things – such as good coffee, great eggs, cozy ambience and a warm staff ready to take your order. For people south of the metro wanting to get a taste of their delicious all-day brunch and coffee menu, good news is here because Bean & Yolk is set to open their new branch in vibrant Alabang, carrying with it the same great menu along with some exciting new items to look forward to. Visit them anytime if you’re looking for an egg and caffeine fix because at Bean & Yolk it’s never too late or too early for brunch.






Chukoy and Papo Jorolan both quit their corporate jobs and tried their hand at entrepreneurship.



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Farmer John:  

Fried egg, cheddar, ham, BBQ mayo, caramelized onions and broiche



Super friendly staff, a great brunch menu and great coffee are what’s in store for you at Bean & Yolk



South peeps rejoice! Bean & Yolk is coming to Alabang soon!



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