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Boracay, Aklan, Philippines

The island of Boracay has been in the news a lot recently and the picture they paint is always a grim one. Overpopulation and a surge of unregistered hotels and businesses have caused massive stress on the island, most notably evident in the failing sewage system. Right now the government is on the verge of shutting down the island for rehabilitation, closing it off to tourists for what could be more than half a year.

You'd think that on a visit to Boracay it would be all bad but you would be mistaken. If you haven't been back to Boracay in the past 5 years or so, you'll realize that a lot has changed. The backpacker experience of the 90's and 2000s has made way to present-day luxury resorts, new high-end residential developments, rapid airport transfers, new roads to get around and explore the island, any cuisine of your choosing, and a more diverse profile of international visitors. All these of course have come at a price and its curious to see if the scheduled rehabilitation will be able to improve the systems that make Boracay tick.

Of course, in spite of all the issues the island faces, one glimpse at the sand, sun, and the clear blue waters and you'll come to realize (or remember) why Boracay is a place like no other. Much has been said about what makes Boracay beautiful, all of which are also the reasons why saving Boracay is important. Even with all the negative talk regarding The island, it's still home to friendly people, a fun inviting atmosphere and of course a jaw-dropping beach that can't be beat.

One can only hope that the worst is over and that the businesses, the locals, all the people working there, and the island itself all come out ahead after the rehabilitation and we continue to see Boracay live up to its potential as a world-class tourist destination. It may not be the Boracay you remember in the past, but hopefully it continues to look ahead to the future.


Godofredo P. Ramos Airport

Since the improvements to Caticlan Airport, flight expansion from AirAsia, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific has doubled. The airport is currently being expanded and will definitely add more international flights in the near future.

Upon arrival, Southwest offers travellers a painless door-to-door transfer service. It’s an all-in package that includes terminal fees to the port, environmental fees, and all transportation necessities. You are comfortably taken to your resort via bus, speedboat, and van with their staff carrying your bags for you.



White Beach

The main beach on the island and the center of all Boracay’s attractions, this is where you’ll see all the tourists, restaurants, and big resorts. This area is great for activities, food, and partying. This is the beach for you if you want big crowds and enjoy interacting with people.

It might be overpopulated, but the stunning blue water and the fine white sand will never cease to take your breath away.


- Willy's Rock -

Located in station 1, this is probably the most prominent landmark on the island. If you’re visiting the island for the first time there’s no harm in checking out this rock formation since it’s located close by just in the middle of White Beach’s coastline.


- Real Coffee & Tea Cafe -

Home of the famous calamansi muffin. This café has been around since 1996. A great place if you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy your coffee or tea. They also have great seats for people watching and looking at the ocean.



- Hoy Panga -

They offer moderately priced tuna and grilled dishes. You can also get some freshly squeezed juices, cocktails and other refreshing drinks. The restaurant has a great beachfront view and very accommodating staff.



- Jonah's Fruit shake & snack bar-

A classic staple in Boracay, they offer a lot of delicious shakes that are perfect for beating the heat after a long day of sun bathing. A nice and sweet afternoon treat. Be sure to try one of the favorites: banana chocolate peanut.


- Coast-

A chic hotel located in the beach front of station 2 with an awesome bar outside. Cha Cha's has both amazing food and drinks too! Make sure you’re there for the happy hour!





- D*Mall -

One way or another you’ll reach D'Mall at some point in your stay. A small commercial open area where you’ll find pharmacies, bakeshops, small shops selling clothes, souvenirs, and other beach essentials. There are also many good restaurants and bars located here.