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Big-hearted Strangers

One day we chanced upon a couple who seemed to have fallen upon some hard times living by the side of a busy road in Alabang. Though it was pretty obvious that they were living in poverty, they still had the hearts to care for 5 stray kittens who looked to them for food, water and shelter. From our experience, having 5 feline mouths to feed is no joke and it takes a very generous heart to care for them especially when you can barely care for yourself. Seeing these two should remind us that goodness can be shared with all of God's creatures and also inspire us to help those in need. Even if we are troubled with our own burdens, there are those out there who are even less fortunate and in need of help. The generosity that these two show to those cats in spite of their own troubles is a true act of selflessness that we should aim to strive for in ourselves.

pictured with their 3 out of 5 cats

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