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2680 F.B. Harrison Compound

Travellers making their way to Metro Manila and locals who just want a unique and authentic Filipino experience would be wise to check out 2680 F.B. Harrison Compound. Hidden away among busy in-roads in the urban Pasay area is this intriguing property which boasts of a 4-star hotel, art gallery, furniture store, event space, and restaurant.

The compound is a cluster of 20 post-war houses that have been tastefully repurposed for modern use with an artsy touch, 5 of which are now part of The Henry Hotel Manila, a 34-room boutique hotel. Also within the compound is the Avellana Art Gallery, the Atelier of fashion designer Jojie Lloren, A-11 Furniture Gallery and Apartment 1B Restaurant. The place is designed with a distinct retro feel, making use of the original architecture coupled with modern improvements, all the while preserving the authenticity of the property's vintage roots.

Entering the immaculately-designed property instantly transports you to a bygone era, something you won't be expecting as you make your way through the gritty streets of Pasay to find the compound. An unexpected old-world surprise in a city typified by new development, the compound satisfies your need to see new things while leaving you with a hint of nostalgia. If you're looking for a charming and one-of-a-kind getaway without having to leave the metro, be sure to stop by 2680 F.B. Harrison Compound.


The Henry Hotel Manila

Classic historic houses with a mixture of old and new, restored with some of the original interiors and an impeccable attention to detail.

The Henry is a great place to relax if you want a quiet and peaceful retreat within a busy city. It’s a great accommodation for those who have a short layover in Manila.

Consider The Henry as your sanctuary when you visit Manila or on your next staycation.

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Apartment 1B

Forget your diet when dining here in Apartment 1B. This restaurant offers diners gourmet comfort food that will definitely hit the spot. Food was delicious and tasty and they offer great size portions. Their interiors give customers a great dining experience in a very homey setting which is perfect for your next date, intimate meeting or casual get-together. Next on our list when we visit again would be their breakfast menu (6:30AM to 3PM), which we were told is amazing! Prices lean on the pricey side but are definitely worth it!

Salcedo * Rockwell * The Henry Manila


A-11:Artelano 11

Here you’ll find great furniture, pieces, and accents that are made by local designers and artists. Not the usual cookie cutter stuff. Once in a while they conduct fun and interesting workshops too! Follow their social media pages to get updated.




2680 Compound, F.B. Harrison St, Pasay, Kalakhang Maynila

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