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Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand's capital and home to the country's parliament, Wellington is currently at the top of the list of most livable cities in the world. Dubbed as the world's windiest city, the weather in Wellington is rather pleasant and cozy (under multiple layers of clothing) despite it's gusty reputation. Beautiful, scenic and surrounded by nature, Windy Wellington is a great destination to get stunning views and a good mix of history, culture and great coffee.

As the capital of New Zealand you wouldn't expect such a laid back vibe from Wellington but it's certainly what you'll get. Walk around and you'll find parks full of children and families playing and spending time outside which adds to the fun and wholesome energy of the city.

A hub for international cuisine and a premiere coffee destination, Wellington is a food lover's paradise. Don't miss Cuba Street for some local and international flavor. Explore the city center for a look at the historic parliament buildings and check out the interactive museums for a dose of culture and a peek into the history of the Maori people. If getting physical is your thing, visitors can go for a hike or a bike ride on the many trails scattered around the city.

For travelers seeking a unique and quiet place to unwind with family yet have access to some great spots sure to spark some interest, Wellington is a great place to explore. A compact and accessible city with easygoing people and much to see, Wellington is a destination that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Cuba Street

You can’t visit Wellington without a trip to Cuba Street. Located in the city center, it’s a great place to go for a casual afternoon stroll, to get your caffeine fix in one of the many hip coffee shops, shop at unique shops that sell lots of retro stuff, or to enjoy a great book in secondhand bookshops. Don’t miss the night market every Friday and Saturday that sells different kinds of streetfood.


Wellington Sign

Located near the airport, locals and visitors are greeted by the Wellington sign which they call Wellywood. The Hollywood-style sign was built as a way to promote Wellington’s budding film industry while the last few letters of sign flying off depicts the city’s infamous wind and rain.


Mount Victoria's Lookout

One of the best vantage points in Wellington. It’s accessible by car, tour buses, public transport (No. 20 Highbury to Mt. Victoria) or if you can endure it you can hike it. Bring a jacket with you as it can be cool and very windy.


Wellington Zoo

Just 10 minutes from the city, Wellington Zoo is pretty compact compared to other zoos, but has a great variety of wildlife such as kangaroos, kiwis, bears, lions, meerkats, and dingos among others. Staff were enthusiastic and the facilities were well looked after. Sometimes animals hide due to their being housed in a recreation of their natural environment, so viewings can sometimes be a hit or miss. Make sure to check the animal shows and talks so you can see everything. There is also a vet centre where you can watch sick animals being cared for. Entrance to the zoo is around $25 for adults and $12 for children. better to go on a weekday to avoid crowds.



Te Papa

The national museum of New Zealand, you can easily spend the whole day wandering around the museum with their many interactive exhibits that both children and adults will find interesting. This is the museum if you want to learn more about the Maori culture. Always check their website because they always have special exhibits. They also have a great gift shop where you can find beautiful local pieces as well as some cafes where you can hangout.