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Swathe Manila

Swathe is a local Filipino company that specializes in creating personalized blankets for infants and toddlers. Their service allows customers to create unique blankets using the wide range of designs they have for boys and girls - perfect for your themed nursery or as baby shower gifts for mommy friends, birthday presents, or just to get those extra “Tita” points for nephews and nieces.

Created by Jerica Laurito - Arsola, a mom of two, she knows how important a versatile blanket is when it comes to babies. Fashioned from 100% polyester, Swathe blankets are waterproof (great for those wetting accidents) and tough, although the material is gentle on babies' skin. The multi-purpose blanket can be used as a swaddle, wind cover, tummy time mat, beach mat, play area, crib liner or for whatever application mom's will need it for. Social media mommies will love these blankets especially for their flat lay baby pics for birthday, monthsary and milestone photos.


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