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Jammy Cruz

YouTuber Jammy Cruz has caught a lot of viewers' attention with her fun food content on her show Merienda Time. Naturally funny with her infectious personality, Jammy's Dream Cake Taste Test video went viral and her channel gained even more popularity. With new fun content like blind taste tests and food hauls, Jammy is ready to share her good vibes and take YouTube by storm, leaving her subscribers happy and hungry. We asked Jammy some questions to get to know more about her.

Tell us a little something about you?

Basically, I'm just a girl who loves to eat! Haha. I'm a plus size content creator and I make travel, lifestyle and (mostly) food videos on Youtube. I’m also a CPA, which a lot of people don’t know about and find surprising. Haha!

What inspired your Vlog?

Again, I just really love to eat. Haha! Growing up it was something that I've struggled with, my undying love for food. I had no idea that my vlogs were eventually going to be about it. I think it just happened, you know. I found my way into making videos about food and it just felt like a perfect fit. I guess what I hope really translates to my audience is the positivity and the good vibes that I just want to share with everyone. I remember spending almost all of my free time watching vlogs on Youtube and having so much fun on the app. And now, I want my vlogs to be hopefully someone else’s source of positivity on the other side of the screen.

How did it start?

There was this time in my life when I felt like I wasn't in control and I felt quite unhappy. I just quit my first corporate job and I thought that I'd finally be able to get some rest, pursue my other hobbies. But life happened and I had to take on responsibilities right away. I just figured that if I finally did something for myself that I actually loved then I might feel in control again. Happy. That's really why I started vlogging. I wanted to do something for myself. Because I wanted to, and not because someone else made me do it. I started with make-up, travel, and then eventually found my niche - food.

What's your go to breakfast?


Favorite Take out meal?

McDonald's chicken nuggets + fries

Salty, sweet, sour or spicy?

Definitely, salty!

Your ultimate favorite Filipino dish?

KARE-KARE! I'm a bit picky with this dish though.

What's in your refrigerator?

At least two pints of ice cream on hand, always. Fridge tour on my channel (February 13, 2019)! Haha.

What's your favorite cuisine?


What is your guilty pleasure food?

Aperitif's Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake. It's so good! I swear!

What is your comfort food?

This is so hard because I really find comfort in good food. I have a lot! Haha. Current go-to would be potato chips + rocky road ice cream!

Recommended restaurants?

Mama Lou's, Din Tai Fung, Locavore and Wildflour. The list goes on and on! Haha. I love to eat out and I love trying new restaurants.

If it was your last day on earth, what would be your last meal?

Korean bbq + Ice cream, I think. Might change my answer in the future! Haha!

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