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Angeles-Clark, Pampanga, Philippines

Angeles City in Pampanga, has long been a popular destination in Luzon. Home to Clark Air Base, Angeles was the main stronghold of American and Filipino Forces from 1903 to 1991. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo caused the closing of the base and the departure of the American forces, and presently, the area has been improved and converted into the Clark Freeport Zone and Clark International Airport. Infamous for its red-light district and seedy pubs aimed at US servicemen, Angeles has grown and boomed into a more mature and sophisticated destination. World-class hotels, resorts, casinos and real estate developments show the growth and potential of Clark, which should be in full bloom hopefully in the next few years. At present, visitors will still see pieces of Clark's past still peeking through the new facade, both figuratively and literally. Clark's walking street (the red-light district), old American-era buildings and deteriorating duty-free shops are just reminders of what Clark was like in its' heyday, but now it seems clear that the government and the people invested in Clark have a brighter future in mind for their city and Angeles in general.

With all the new developments in Clark and Angeles going on, the heart of Clark which is its people is still the best reason to visit. Friendly, genuine, accommodating, and fully acclimated to being in a tourist town, the people of Angeles are always happy to chat or to tell you where your next spot to visit should be. They also take pride in having great local cuisine which is why doing a culinary road trip around Angeles is a must for travelers. Famous Filipino specialties as only Pampangeños can create are plentiful, so make sure to plan your stops well to get the most out of your food trip.

Close to Manila with a lot to see, Angeles and Clark is a great option for a fun city-life weekend destination. Inexpensive, lively and fun with great food and great people, it definitely has something for everyone of all ages.




Aling Lucing

It was because of Aling Lucing that the Deparment of Tourism acknowledged Angeles City as the “Sisig Capital of the Philippines”. Even Anthony Bourdain didn’t pass up the opportunity to try Aling Lucing’s sisig.

Sisig is a kapampangan dish made out of pig head, be sure to eat here if you’re looking for authentic and classic pampangeno food. Aside from their famous sisig and other grilled items, their burong kanin is also a must try.



Holy Rosary Church

Standing in the heart of downtown Angeles, this beautiful and well-kept Catholic church was designed with fascinating architecture. Known locally as “Pisambang Maragul which means big church, it is recognized as a national historical site.


Museo Ning De Angeles

Just across Holy Rosary Church you’ll find this museum that displays memorabilia that explains the culture and tradition of the people of Angeles.


LA Bakeshop

A staple buy when you visit Pampanga, they are known for their cheese bread and Spanish bread. They also have other pasalubong that you can buy like sans rival, peanuts, bottled dried fish and other delicious treats.


Marquee Mall

A good place to hang out at with your family when you want to cool down from the afternoon heat. You’ll find nice shops, restaurants, a movie theater, and a decent grocery. Location is very accessible through the expressway.



This humble eatery started as a small sari-sari store, and is now known to be one of the must-visit restaurants in Pampanga. Since it’s located in a residential area, parking is limited especially during lunch and dinner time. Try going there after lunch to avoid large crowds.

Mila’s is famous for their sisig and their tokwa’t baboy. Their tokwa’t baboy is topped with onions and celery that gives the dish a different flavor. Be sure not to miss their pako salad and chicharon bulaklak.