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Mommy Hacks

Before becoming a mother I thought that parenting would be easy and breezy and that I would be able to pick things up from books and articles online. I was obviously clueless because nothing can prepare you for the actual process and experience of motherhood. By now having a small amount of experience on the matter, I am truly amazed and enlightened by how moms manage it all. In today’s fast-paced world, moms have to be resourceful and creative when it comes to managing their children and family. When you become a new mom, you realize that you are now a part of an exclusive club made up of different women who share the same goals – to raise their children right. Every child, situation and family is different and every mom’s style is different as well. Nowadays when I’m around moms, I love to ask them about their experiences and what tricks and strategies they use to make their lives easier when it comes to caring for and raising their kids.

We asked some friends for their own personal “mom hacks” and it may just have the solution to your Mommy problems at home.


Mel Habito, 31

Zoe, almost 5 months

  • Start taking malunggay pills at 37 weeks of pregnancy (or earlier even). I did this and had no problem with milk supply.

  • Have a portable bidet spray in your hospital bag. It was the most useful thing I had for myself after giving birth!

  • Download the app "Baby Ears" to decode your baby's cry (gassy, hungry, need to be burped, etc)

  • Put the baby tub on top of the bathroom sink as it is the perfect height for a baby bathtub. This saves me from backaches.

  • Lay a new diaper under the old one before each diaper change—just in case an explosion happens (and trust me I've had a few)

  • If you have a baby who just can’t sleep without motion, a