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Haircuts for kids can be a problem for parents especially for those with more rambunctious children. Unfamiliarity with what's going on and a stranger with sharp cutting tools can be a precarious situation to put your kids in.

Cuts4tots, a barber shop/salon specially-designed for children addresses many parents' concerns, featuring a fun atmosphere and everything your young kids need to be entertained and distracted at the same time. Instead of regular barber's chairs they have cars which the children can "drive" while unknowingly getting their hair cut and styled. Cuts4tots also have toys and LCD monitors playing cartoons on all the stations to keep the kids' focus away from the stylist doing his work. They also have silent hair clippers which work excellently on not startling the children. Best of all, they have kind and friendly staff who are attentive and warm to all the customers and not to mention very skilled at what they do. For kids having their first haircut, they provide a package which includes locks of their hair and before and after photos all placed in a certificate for parents to keep.

Pay them a visit for your kid's next cut for a professional, quick, fun and safe experience tailor-made for children.