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Quarantine & Chill

Covid-19. The invisible enemy behind the Coronavirus pandemic that is presently sweeping the world will be something that we will all remember in our lifetime. While the brave frontliners find a way to face the problem head-on and the ones infected fighting their way back to health, we at home are all forced to come to terms with our present reality. With the quarantines and lockdowns going on worldwide and with God seemingly hitting the pause button, we're not chasing time anymore, and are tasked with making the most of the time that we do have - whether it's cleaning up your house, picking up a new hobby, or mending broken relationships.

During these dire times we are living through, it makes one think about the important things such as spending time with the ones who truly matter in your life. Hopefully once things go back to normal and social distancing is a thing of the past, everyone will carry these realizations with them and always remember that life and time are fleeting and are best spent in the company of the ones you love.

We asked some friends to share with us what they have been doing during the quarantine and lockdown period, and how they have been spending their newfound free time.


Maria Parry, 35

Yoga Instructor


What keeps me sane during this crazy time is moving- whether it's practicing yoga, teaching online classes, working out at home or cleaning the house. I like a good balance and so I make sure to have some quiet time reading my book, meditating or having a movie day/night with my family. We aren't on full lockdown for now and we are able to go out for walks once a day which helps a lot as we have the sea shore right outside our doorstep. When the world gets overwhelming, I like to immerse myself in nature.



Chinky Quintos, 33 Wife, Mom, Homebaker and Cake Decorator, La Dolce Vita Cakes & Pastries Sampaloc, Manila

Before the quarantine, I was busy planning for our church wedding on March 22. Needless to say, the wedding is postponed so I am left coordinating with suppliers and relatives overseas for a new date. I also found a renewed sense of appreciation for basic baking despite being in the industry for 6 years now. On the first week of the ECQ, I made my family’s favorites like cookies, chocolate cake, cheesecake, and butter/ banana cake. This week, I plan to make French Macarons, red velvet cupcakes, and carrot cake.



Teng Ongpin, 35

Real Estate Broker

San Pedro, Laguna

Nothing has changed that much because I work on my own time but since the quarantine period, I realize how errands were a huge chunk of my routine and I find myself missing it.

Daily prayers with my husband take away my worries regarding the situation. Playing and spending more quality time with our twin boys makes time run faster, watching a lot of conspiracy theory videos on YouTube (Qanon and Illuminati stuff), Viber or messenger sessions with friends and family to check if they’re okay, laughing at silly memes, and attending to neglected house chores one at a time.

I also tried to paint but got lazy halfway through it. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I sometimes catch myself thinking about food haha

Despite everything that’s happening, I’m optimistic that better days will come soon!


David Young, 36 Businessman Alabang

Bonding with my daughter 24/7


Danny Balili, 64

Structural Engineer

BF Homes Paranaque

Work at home to meet deadlines and eating guavas freshly picked from our tree.


Katrina Tambag, 34

Cabin Crew

Doha, Qatar