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Poppy Gee, 35

Being in the airline industry, doesn't necessarily mean you get to experience different places. It takes curiosity, eagerness and a pair of itchy feet to be able to fully immerse yourself in traveling. Poppy Gee made sure to maximize all his travel perks and made his travel diary as colorful as he is.

Kraków, Poland


Siquijor, Philippines

How did you get to be such an avid traveler?

It started in 2008 with a short trip to Singapore then to Malaysia. I jumped right into it without even planning - no Google Maps, no Lonely Planet, no YouTube travel videos. I had a great time exploring places, taking pictures, meeting new friends, learning phrases and even collecting souvenirs. So, I said to myself that one day, I will see more of what this world offers. Grateful of this job, being in a travel vertical, I have the benefits of discovering more places and learning about their culture which broadens my understanding not only of the geography, but also the humanity in other parts of the world. I started exploring places where I do not need visa applications such as countries in ASIA. After that I then went to EUROPE, to NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA and then to AUSTRALIA.