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Avilon Zoo

Located just a stone's throw from the Metro, Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal is an unexpected surprise for many who are unaware of the many adventures to be had in the park. A 7.5 hectare property housing a menagerie of different and interesting animals, the zoo could rival those found elsewhere in the world. The entrance brings you straight into a large Arapaima pond housing a number of these extra-large freshwater fish. Visitors are welcome to feed the river monsters chicken heads for a fee, which is quite an experience for kids and adults alike. As you go deeper into the zoo following the signs as if following a treasure map, visitors are immediately treated to animals you wouldn't expect to see. All sorts of majestic big cats, crocs and alligators, emus and ostriches, snakes, giraffes, hippos are only some of the animals to expect to see. Visitors are welcome to tour the park on their own which is part of the adventure. The park is safe, easy to navigate, well-maintained, and most importantly the animals looked amazing and in good health, and the zoo staff were all present doing their jobs feeding and caring for their assortment of residents.

The whole experience was a pleasant surprise especially if you go in with no expectations or prior knowledge about the place (they have been open for more than a decade). With the new highways and roads making its location more accessible to those in Metro Manila (40 mins from the Quezon Ave exit of Skyway 3), Avilon Zoo is a must-visit especially if you have young children . The spacious park is perfect for social distancing, while still allowing intimate groups and families to spend time in nature outdoors. Parents and would-be visitors may want to to look into planning a trip while they still can with the country easing in and out of Covid restrictions. Your kids will surely have fun and thank you for it!



Regular entrance fee to the Zoo is PHP 800 while children below 3 feet is PHP 600. Senior Citizens and PWDs get a 20% discount. Free admission for infants 1 year below.

You can also get a 25% discount ticket from Click Here to book your ticket.



There are rice toppings, snacks, sodas, coffee and water available at their food station. Jollibee, Chowking and Greenwich are also available on Food Panda for delivery to the zoo. A minimal amount of Php 25 will be charged per person as corkage fee.



Home to a wide collection of species of birds, mammals reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish and invertebrates. Be sure to meet and greet their resident orangutan named, Joey.








Feeding the animals

Visitors are also welcome to feed the animals in some areas such as the giraffe section and a dedicated feeding area where kids can get up close and personal with their favorite farm animals. You can buy kamote, banana, kangkong, carrots and some chicken heads for a minimum amount of Php 50 per tub.


Souvenir Shop

Some toys and trinkets for purchase that your kids will definitely enjoy


Getting around

The Zoo is equipped with ramps that are perfect for wheelchairs and baby strollers. If it's a hot day make sure to wear comfortable clothes and bring enough water to hydrate because it will be a long walk. If your visit falls on a rainy day, make sure to bring umbrellas and wear non-slip shoes because you need to walk up some slippery ramps and steps.


Operating Hours

Open daily from 8am - 5pm


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9003 GP Sitio Gulod San Isidro Rodriguez, Rizal 1860

Click here for the Google Maps pin

(632) 8 948 3986

(632) 8 948 9866

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