Crazy Bird

Artist Wild Child

Title Crazy Bird

The Sun is a mass of incandescent gas

A gigantic nuclear

Furnace, furnace

I'll wait around for a day

This porch on which I pace

'Cause I need you mine I need me yours

You stole my breath away

You swore to me you'd stay

I've found something that I adore

Oh how, how we supposed to go on

Not knowing if you

Bleed the way, I do

I do, well I did

Are your bags travelin' elsewhere

You need to know I got the bones

Rollin' hard against the floor

And if you left, I'd break until the little pieces felt no more

No more

Whisper the things we'd scream

Now kid, let's not get mean

'Cause I need you mine I need me yours

Four walls and fancy friends

Don't need me none of them

'Cause I've got you now and that's enough

(Well I'm glad, so am I)

Let's make good from our past

Patch holes with things that last