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Hello K-Kit

Recently, the Philippines, along with the rest of the world, has been taken over by the K-drama wave. With countless viewers streaming in these popular shows straight into their homes, everyone is getting a glimpse of the Korean life and culture. A huge part of that culture is of course the food! Often featured on these shows are culinary specialties native to South Korea, whether it be a home-cooked dish prepared by the eomma (mom) or some delicious street food being served at a pop-up bar. These memorable dishes often play in heavily on the story lines and it is not uncommon for viewers to suddenly develop a craving for these scrumptious delights after seeing them beautifully presented on their screens and enjoyed by their favorite lead stars.

Cue in Hello K-Kit.

So, what is Hello K-Kit?

Hello K-Kit is a Korean cooking kit (or meal kit) that provides fresh ingredients, delicious and authentic seasonings, and easy, simple-to-follow recipes all in one package, that anyone can prepare and enjoy at home.

The meal kit, also known as a cooking box, is a complete set of everything you need to make all your favorite characters' dishes in your own kitchen. Since everything is portioned out and complete, once you receive your kit, you're ready to cook - no chopping or prep work needed. The kit also includes a detailed cooking guide with instructions and photos to make it totally easy for you to follow along.

Thinking of a lockdown date idea? Have an authentic Korean cook-out with your loved one, along with some chilled soju and enjoy your Korean dishes while watching your favorite K-dramas! Your Oppa will definitely be happy and impressed!


Order Schedule

They accept orders everyday but make sure to know their ordering schedule. Payment cut-off is everyday until 4 pm, Delivery is during Tuesday to Sunday. You can receive your orders the same day at 6 pm once you settled payments on or before 4 pm.


Meal Kits

Your kit includes authentic, good quality and fresh ingredients.


Cooking Steps

All the ingredients are neatly numbered so it’s very easy to follow and you’ll enjoy the process of preparing it. These Korean dishes are just minutes away!



Serve it warm and beautifully plate it for your loved one.


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Hello K-Kit

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