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Trattoria Mario Mio

Tucked away in a quiet compound called Monteluce in Silang, Cavite sits a cozy Tuscan-inspired restaurant that serves delicious Italian comfort food. The intimate restaurant immediately puts you in the mood to have a glass of wine and enjoy a conversation and meal with your companions. As expected from a highly-recommended Italian restaurant, the appetizers, main entrees of pasta, pizza and meats were all delicious. Flavorful recipes with quality ingredients combine for filling dishes that will leave you with just enough room for their sweet delectable desserts. Service was good which adds up to it definitely being a place to keep coming back to to further explore their menu. If you're looking for a venue for a meet up with friends or family, or just want to go on a road trip and have a great meal with your significant other, Trattoria Mario Mio should definitely be on your list.