Music is a big part of our lives, without it Life is just so sad. These songs whether they be old or new or out of this world, never fail to put me in a good mood. These songs cheer me up, make me feel nostalgic, and  make me fall in love every time I hear them. Sharing with you guys my personal mixtape. Enjoy!

February 2, 2019

Artist Portland

Title Deezy Daisy

ALBUM Deezy Daisy

Let freedom reign
The sun is gone but we've got a light
We…can't stop the rain
Shields in hand we're ready to fight

To my delight
We are alive
We will shine in heaven
Shields in hand we're ready to fight

Oh o...

February 2, 2019

Artist Banks

Title Warm Water

ALBUM Warm Water (SnakeHips Remix)

Looking you over, you don’t know my name yet
by the time you looked away, already knew I couldn't fake it
I got this need for you, forming in my beating heart
I knew the meaning right away,

we only yesterday...

December 29, 2018

Artist Young Franco

Title Miss You

ALBUM Miss You (Cabu Remix)

Find a way, find a way
Find your way to me
'Cause I'm losing your touch
I miss you

What did I do to change
How you look at me
Was I doing too much?
I miss you

Lifting me up again
Just undo
What I feel when I...

December 29, 2018

Artist UMII

Title Dangerous

ALBUM This Time

Mr. Right , umm, and that’s you
Visions l, hey, came true
Walkin' on the ceiling boy
Bet you would, I bet you would
Come and get me
Hold onto you, hold onto you

Dangerous when I'm near ya
What I'm feelin'


December 29, 2018

Artist de hofnar X goodluck

Title Back in the Day

ALBUM de hofnar X goodluck

Back in the day

We used to run

Hands up, Hands up

No complications, no second thoughts

Just Hands up, Hands Up

I wouldn't walk away if they asked me to

I'd live another day just to spend with you


March 10, 2018

Artist Matt DiMona

Title Old School Turntables

ALBUMOld School Turntables

Palm trees
Light breeze
Wish i had more nights like these
Just the two of us
Getting spiritual

Peace signs
Your eyes
Girl you know you look so fine, it’s
Just the two of us
And your stereo

Spin th...

March 10, 2018

Artist YayYoung 

Title Do you feel like you have no one to turn to?

There are times when you feel you can never be okay

You can just be still for awhile

You don’t have to try

When the moonlight is the only right

Way to feel that you’re okay

You just close your eyes

Let the sta...

March 10, 2018

Artist Raveena

Title Sweet Time

ALBUMOld Shanti EP

Two birds on the window
Sunday morning limbo
I’m dancing in a bigger room

I got so accustomed
Sweeter words and discussions
My temper’s cooling to blue

No no no no
I put my trust in
To all this loving
No no no no

No do...

December 30, 2017

Artist UDD 

Title Sigurado

Album Sigurado

Natatakot ikaw ay mawala
Sa aking tabi
Namumuo ang lakas ng aking kaloobang
Magmahal nang muli

Hindi ka ba katulad nila?
Hahatian ka ng pangarap
At lumisang siyang hinahanap mo

Nalilito, naliligaw

December 30, 2017


Chris Tall

Title Morning Golden Sunrise

Album Kitsuné Hot Stream




We’re running high, We’re getting low

running here with you deep into the blue

Let’s surf it up

just you and me in sea baby

Coz this is where you are

waiting for the waves to roll in...

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