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As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Although the saying is a little played out, the wisdom in that statement comes from the fact that when exploring a new destination, it’s the locals who will have the inside track on all the great things about their city as well as the local customs it would be best to follow. Apart from the tourist spots that are sure to draw big crowds, it’s definitely worth your while to be able to check out some of the more offbeat and charming spots that can only be recommended by someone who calls that place his home. Whether it be which restaurants serve the best local cuisine, which markets sell your favorite trinkets, or what bar to hang out at on a Friday night, there is no shortage of valuable info you can take with you to really get the most out of your travel experience. Every city has its own story and personality, and to truly get to the heart of what makes a city special, it’s best to take a look at things from a local’s point of view.

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