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Ankita and Chetan, Bangalore, India

Bloggers Ankita and Chetan take the time to catch us up on what you need to know before planning your trip to exciting Bangalore, India

Best time to visit?

Except 3 months of summer starting from March to May

Must try local dishes?

Authentic south Indian coffee

Mangalore bajji

Idli vada

Poori- saagu


Akki Roti

Your city's most popular tourist spot?

Lal bagh

HAL aerospace museum

Cubbon park

Bannerghatta national park

Nandi hills

Any favorite local place or spot you would recommend to a visitor in your city?

Cubbon park

Tipu Sultan's summer palace

Nandi hills

MTR (eating place)

Important local phrases:

Hello - Namaskara

Come - bani/ baa

Good - chennagide

Don't know - gothhilla

What's happening - ennu agatha ide?

Thank you - Dhanyavada

Safety Precautions/Reminders/tips for travellers:

As it's a metro city, many people know basic english, so it's safe for travellers. But everything closes around 11pm. So try to finish dinner or whatever you want to buy til that time.

Photo property of Ankita and Chetan


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